How To Feel Better Attract Good Luck And Be Happy And Confident

High self-esteem encourages a positive attitude, the most efficient tool to increase good fortune alongside visualization and relaxation techniques.

Some individuals appear to have all the luck, others none, but according to experts, much of this is self-created. The theory seems to be borne by the fact that lucky people tend to be so all round. They win the lottery and land a dream job, have a fabulous house and perfect partner.

Study their attitude, see what can be learnt and remember that life is a roller coaster for everyone. What matters is how one deals with ups and downs. ‘The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity,’ wrote Winston Churchill, ‘the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.’

Be Happy and Attract Good Luck

The best way to attract good luck is to adopt a positive attitude and look on the bright side. If one expects the worst, it’s more likely to come true, and vice-versa. Keep things in perspective. If it’s not life threatening, it’s manageable so look for solutions rather than dwell on problems. Trust intuition, it’s usually right, though this may not be obvious at the time.

Above all, actively seek opportunities, do something new, go somewhere new, meet new people. Any step out of one’s comfort zone could bring a long-awaited lucky break and change life for ever. Whether its’ career, money or relationships, one needs to get out into the world to seize the moment. Don’t agonize about decisions. There’s no right or wrong if you accept responsibility to make it work. Lucky people are positive, determined and ready to act and take risks.

Visualization and Relaxation Techniques to Uplift Body and Soul

Remind yourself how lucky you are, stick a star in your diary when something good happens, however small, and visualize your dream. See it in colour and detail, bring it to the fore before you go to sleep and allow the subconscious mind to take over and guide you. Keep a lucky charm on your desk or in your pocket to remind you throughout the day that good luck is on its way.

Visualization works best when body and mind are at ease and stress free. Choose some easy relaxation techniques and notice the difference, whether it’s yoga, meditation, a painting course, a massage or a walk in the hills. Make it part of a weekly routine, replace tension with positive energy and feel better.

Improve Self-esteem, Feel Better

Those who believe in their dreams are most likely to attract good luck. It’s simply a matter of self-esteem and confidence. Work from the outside in, assess how you look, the way you walk or dress. Make small changes within your budget and notice the difference. When you look better, you feel better.

Smile in the mirror every morning, remind yourself you are unique and fill your mind with personal compliments. Ban any negative vocabulary and squash the slightest hint of self-doubt. Set your goals for the day, tackle any challenge as a chance to grow and always be prepared to accept change. Embrace life, learn, ask questions and have fun along the way. Act confident and sooner or later you will be, act lucky and you will attract good luck, uplift your spirits and enjoy a better life.

How To Keep Weight Off During The Holidays

Maintaining weight over the holidays can be difficult with the multitude of seasonal parties to attend. But it not impossible to avoid gaining weight at Christmas. Here are some tips that can help everyone make it through to January with their waistline intact.

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

It’s even more important to eat healthy during the holiday season than at other times of the year. The temptation of treats at every turn means that everyday meals should be healthy and satisfying. Good choices include whole grains, such as oatmeal or bran, at breakfast; veggie filled sandwiches or soups at lunch; and light dinners with lean protein such as chicken, beans or fish. By eating this way every day, anyone can afford to indulge once in a while.

Drink Lots of Water

Often people confuse hunger for thirst, so remember to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated will keep everyone looking and feeling better, and may help prevent mindless eating.

Exercise Regularly

Working out not only improves mood but also revs up the metabolism so the body burns more calories every day. Whether it’s walking, yoga, or seasonal activities like skating and sledding, aim for exercise most days of the week. When possible, exercise outside during the day because exposure to natural light also improves mood as the days get darker in winter.

Limit “Holiday” Meals

Between office parties, family get-togethers and going out with friends, those two Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays can turn into weeks of too much food with too much fat, not to mention the too-many drinks to wash it down. To avoid this, pick a few favorite events to indulge at, and maintain healthy eating and drinking habits at the other ones.

Eat Only Your True Favorites

When it’s that event you’ve been anticipating for weeks, don’t just grab everything from the buffet table, or that one meal could contain hundreds of calories more than the body needs. Choose only foods you truly enjoy and only eat at this time of year. Shortbread cookies and phyllo pastry appetizers could be the top choices, but pass up the chips that are available all year long.

Fight the Mental Battle

Too often, when people eat too much at one meal, they figure their entire diet is blown and they might as well just keep eating and drinking whatever they want. In reality, one meal is not a diet-buster. Keep your perspective and if you overeat once, get right back on track.

It’s possible to avoid holiday weight gain and still enjoy the holiday season. These few simple tips can help anyone decide when to indulge in Christmas treats and when it’s time for healthier choices.

How To Like What You See In The Mirror

Have you ever spent hours looking at that one spot on your face where the skin in not smooth? Have you cursed yourself for having huge thighs? Have you complained that your nose is not as sharp as you’d like it to be? Saying such negative things about your body does nothing for your self-image. Follow the suggestions made below to break the habit of having such an unkind attitude towards your body.

Be Kind to Yourself

This means going beyond thinking nice thoughts and learning to cultivate attitudes and behaviors that will allow you to feel good. Aim to like being in your own skin and enjoy the way your body moves and feels. Here are a few examples to show you how to do this:

 When you’re taking a shower, instead of rushing through it, enjoy the feel of your skin.
 When you’re dancing, savor the sensations of your hips swaying.
 When you’re sitting in the sun, notice the pleasure you get from the warmth on your skin.

Edit Your Self-Talk

Instead of focusing on all that’s bad about your body, why not follow every negative thought with a positive one. For instance, when you think, “I hate my hips,” change your thought to, “I may have big hips, but I have pretty eyes.” Furthermore, when someone says, “You have nice eyes,” say, “Thank you,” and smile. Remember that most men find self-confidence in a woman more of a turn-on than her flat stomach.

Observe Other Women

Do you think that all celebrities have the perfect figure, skin and features? Look again. Notice Julia Robert’s wide smile and Jessica Simpson’s cleft chin. The thing is, many successful and happy women rarely resemble the supermodel ideal. In fact, real women come in all shapes and sizes and it’s their differences that make them interesting and a joy to be around.

Think Spiritually

Ask a happily married man what attracted him to his wife and, chances are that he’ll say it was her beautiful mind. Understand that your beauty is not reflected in your body, but in your mind and, in your mind, you can choose to be the most beautiful person ever. Here are examples of statements you can recite regularly to help you watch what you think.

 I know that I have a good personality and shapely legs. So, the fact that my breasts are small is not important.
 It’s nice to hear him say I look good in this dress. My efforts to dress to flatter my figure are obviously paying off.
 I love the fact that my body looks like it belongs to a woman and not a little girl.

Banish Crash Dieting

Don’t crash diet because it doesn’t work. What actually happens is this: you only lose a small amount of fat before your body’s protection mechanism swings into action. It thinks that food will be scarce and your body holds on to fat, loses water and slows down your metabolism to conserve energy. When you go back to your normal pattern of eating, you have substantially slowed your metabolism so that it is burning off kilojoules at a snail’s pace. In short, your attempt to fast-track your weight loss backfires, making you prone to put on weight more easily. Instead, be patient and change your lifestyle.

Stand Tall

When you have bad posture, your stomach and breasts look larger while your legs appear shorter. Here’s a trick you can use to improve your posture immediately: imagine that you have a piece of string going up through the top of your head. The moment you picture this, your neck will extend, your tummy will tuck in and you will look slimmer and much more confident.

If you’re trying to break the habit of having such an unkind attitude towards your body, the suggestions made above will be a starting point. In time, you will learn to love yourself a little more every day to the point where you’ll have such a positive outlook that you’ll be a joy to be around.

How To Lose Belly Fat And Get Hot Abs

Do you want to know how to loose belly fat in one week? It can be possible for you to lose unwanted belly fat in just one week and continue to keep it off. You have to introduce certain methods that will enable you to see noticable results in a matter of weeks if not days and by seeing the changes you have made whilst losing weight as your clothes will become more comfortable to wear.

Many people want to lose belly fat especially when it comes to vacation time, as your holiday comes ever more closer you may want to wear a new bikini or swimsuit and may even want to impress a loved one.

One of the worst things you can do is go on a crash diet as this shocks your body into thinking you are starving so it stores exceess food as fat, thus letting your body lose vital nutrients and as your metabolism slows down you will actually gain weight.

If you stop eating altogether for long periods of time your energy level will drop and you will become very weak and light headed. The fastest way to lose belly fat is to increase your metabolism simply by eating the right foods to help you achieve this. Thease foods include:

Citrus Fruits, such as Lemons and Grapefruit

High Fibre Foods, such as vegetables and pulses and even chili and ginger. An excellent way to boost your metabolism first thing in the morning is a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as you have been slleping for at least 8 hours and your body needs fuel to get it going again. Missing breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes you can make whilst on a diet as some people believe it helps lose weight by simply not eating first thing in the morning. As a result of this your metabolism drops causing you next meal to be stored as fat because your body anticipates famine, tempting you to eat a sugary snack or some other fatty food by mid morning because your energy level drops as well.

By eating several smaller meals more often throughout the day instead of two or three large ones can help the weight loss process as your body is getting a continuous supply of fuel with plenty of vitamins and minerals. A greasy plate of fries will fill you up for a while, but this meal wont last long as your body will be craving proper nutrition.

Drinking plenty of water will eliminate the toxins in your body and will aid in the process if you want to lose belly fat in one week because thirst is sometimes mistaken for hunger.

The simple stomach crunch exercise helps strengthen abdominal muscles and with regular and consistent exercise will enable you to get that flatter stomach. Resistance training has to be the best form of exercise for losing belly fat. This both helps you build muscle and burn calories, so the more muscle you build the more calories you will burn. It is very important that you get at least 8 hours sleep as resting is needed in order for muscles to rest and repair themselves.

By combining a good exercise plan and with a calorie controlled diet it is possible to lose at least two pounds of belly fat in just one week, however you will have to alter your lifestyle if you want to keep that slimmer looking body.

How To Moisturize Your Face And Avoid Acne

Finding the balance of moisture and acne-free skin can be extremely difficult, especially if one is prone to breakouts. Unfortunately, it is easy to have both acne-plagued and dry skin while attempting to clear one’s complexion. The good news is that there is a way to help clear up skin while locking in moisture.

Wash Face Twice a Day

It’s a old saying: wash your face twice a day. There is both good advice and truth in that old adage. Washing one’s face twice daily helps keep blemishes at bay. It is important to wash one’s face gently and be sure to remove all dirt and oil. Exfoliating once or twice a week is also an excellent idea. It is crucial to wash one’s face right before bedtime since most blemishes appear during sleep. It is also a great idea to keep pillowcases clean so that acne has a less chance of developing overnight.

Use Blemish Control Wash

Unfortunately, washing one’s face twice daily may not be enough for most people. It is critical to keep an acne treatment plan that works best for you. It’s always an excellent idea to have a daily acne treatment regime because this is what helps eliminate acne.

What is essential to any daily regime is to use a blemish control wash that is soft and gentle on skin. Do not use the same soap one uses to shower with—often there are extra chemicals in such soaps that can clog pores. Many blemish control washes use salicylic acid which helps keep skin clear and glowing.

Use Moisturize with Salicylic Acid

After washing and using an acne prevention treatment, one has to moisture in order to keep skin from flaking. There are many different varieties available to moisturize skin and help protect against outbreaks. The key to soft skin that’s acne free is to treat acne and moisturize so that extra oil is not produced. Having dry skin can promote blemishes so it is important to maintain some degree of moisture in order to halt blemishes before they pop up.

Moisturizers that contain salicylic acid tend to be the best because they help keep acne at bay. The most important advice to remember is to be aware of what touches one’s face—including makeup. There are concealers that are specially developed that help hide acne while fighting it with enriched salicylic acid.

How To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

For the average person weight gain is a result of eating too much and exercising too little, which is why weight gain over the holiday period is particularly common, as people choose to sit in front of their televisions stuffing themselves with food, rather than going for a walk or jog.

There are all those festive films and television shows which are just not to be missed, and besides who exactly wants to leave the warmth and cosiness of their home just to trudge through the snow in the freezing cold? Then there is all that food which simply has to be eaten before it goes off. Nobody wants any food to go to waste, and so everybody ends up eating more than they should.

It is therefore a good idea not to stock up on too much food over the holidays. In years gone by when shops were shut for longer than just a day or two, people had to make sure they had enough food to last. Nowadays, however, most shops are open the day after Christmas; there are even a few shops that open on Christmas Day.

The point is that the more food people buy in, the likelier they are to eat more, and it can be convenient to use the expiry date of an item as an excuse to get rid of it quickly (by eating it). Usually people find that they are also besieged by gifts of chocolates and sweets, anyway, which gives them another potential source of excess calories.

The holidays should be a time for relaxing, not obsessing over every calorie, but it is perhaps a wise idea for individuals to monitor their calorie intake; otherwise they may end up paying for it when they step on the scales after the New Year, or find that they can no longer fit into their favourite clothes.

If they want to prevent this from happening they should limit the amount of calories they consume by choosing healthier options, and by eating what they want but in reasonable portions. They shouldn’t use the holidays as an excuse for a two-week binge on all the food and drink they want, unless they are prepared to pay the price for it.

They should also consider getting more physically active, as it can be a good way for the family to spend time together without sitting in front of the television or at the dining table. They could go for a walk or a bicycle ride, or if it is snowing they could have a snowball fight and run around in the snow.

Going outside might not seem too appealing when it is cold outside, but individuals can console themselves with the thought of the extra calories they can consume when they get home without having to worry what the implications will be for their weight.

Sometimes it can be good for people to relax their routine a bit during the holidays, but it is important not to go overboard if they don’t want to have to spend the next few months trying to lose weight, and if they want to remain in control of their weight they can do so, as long as they stay focused on their diet and activity levels.

How To Self Love

Tapping into and expressing the wisdom within the soul is the ultimate of love stories.

The ways in which folks often think of and practice self love are normally very limiting. One person may purchase material items to fill a void and another may have collection of boyfriends to meet her ever growing search and need for happiness. These examples of methods that people often utilize only bring short term satisfaction and never fulfill one’s true need and desire; to quench the spiritual thirst for balance, wholeness, peace, joy and endless love.

What is the Way to Lasting Self Love?

Some believe that the way to lasting self love is to honor the divine within. The divine within is that aspect of self which exists in the realm of the infinite, the home of the all encompassing creator. This aspect of self is often called the ” higher self.” One can connect with higher self through the soul.

What is the Soul?

The soul is considered to be the whole aspect of a person in their expression in this life, and is that part of us that lives through all our earth lives, incarnating in different bodies. It is aware of the expanded version of self which lives outside of space and time constraints. The soul acts as a bridge to higher self.

When accessed, the higher self or spirit ushers in to help in the growth process from human evolution to divine realization. The goal is to bring in light and allow for higher achievements in growing spiritually in consciousness. This not only helps the person doing the exercise, but also helps the all.

How to Honor the Divine Within

There are several ways to honor the divine aspect of self, the soul. Spending time each day to connect on this level deepens the love of self, which in turn many feel is the act of also awakening the God within. Loving self in this way has been known to open the doors to one’s fullest potential.

1. Appreciate the unique soul within self; recognize, contemplate and express in a journal this love.
2. Call upon the soul for guidance and intuition concerning what is best for growth and spiritual evolution.
3. Trust this inner wisdom to reveal how much sleep is necessary, how much outdoor sun time is beneficial, what to eat and which activities are most regenerative for body, mind and spirit.
4. Only allow thoughts and feelings of higher frequency; love, joy, appreciation, gratitude, sharing, caring etc.
5. When a negative though arises, turn the other cheek. Reach for a better feeling thought, ask your soul to show you a better feeling thought.
6. Loving and accepting self right in the here and now. In the present moment, supporting and loving and forgiving self.
7. When a situation arises, know that the soul, connected to higher self, is pouring love upon the issue if given the green light to do so. Know that the soul holds tremendous love that is accessed by opening up to it. Methods for opening up to soul love: meditation, intention, asking or imagining the soul pouring light into any issue or creation to bring it to its highest.

To honor the divine within is to connect on a soul level. To connect on a soul level is to carry out this love thyself. Loving self is to appreciate to the soul, trust in inner wisdom, to entertain only joyful and blissful thoughts as best as possible, to know that endless love is always available, and to remember to stay present in the moment.

How To Make Exercise More Fun

There are many great ways to make exercising more fun. One of the best methods that I use that always makes my exercise workouts more fun is very simple. It is just listening to music while I workout.

Listening to music while I workout always makes exercising quite a lot more fun for me and always makes the time fly by very fast. Also, listening to music while I workout helps me to keep myself from focusing too much on any pain or discomfort that I might encounter during my workout, such as cramps, strains, etc. And in order to be able to listen to music while still retaining the ability to efficiently perform and and every kind of exercise workout, I usually choose to wear a relatively small in size MP3 player with earbud speakers.

This setup has always worked exceptionally well for me and I continue to use it each and every day. Another great way to make exercising more fun is just to perform your workouts in an environment that you enjoy.

For instance, if you are a person that enjoys being in the outdoors more than he likes being inside, I would recommend that you perform your exercise workouts in the outdoors, This will enable you to be able to enjoy your environment while you exercise. This will really help you to stay focused and to overlook any small amounts of discomfort that you might encounter.

Yet another way to make exercising more fun is to choose whether or not you are a person who enjoys working out alone or with a friend / friends. If you like working out with your friends, you should try to invite your friends along every time you workout. Or if you like to exercise alone, you should try to find some time in your schedule when you can just be alone. This will really make exercising more fun.

And of course, the individual types of exercises that you perform in your workouts can have a profound effect upon how much you enjoy excercising. For example, if you are a person who enjoys a great deal of rapid physical movement and you do not like to sit still, I would highly recommend that you partake in a great deal of running / jogging workouts. Or if you like to do a lot of weight – lifting, I recommend that you try to incorporate more of this in your exercise workouts.

Either way, if you try to incorporate into your workouts the individual types of exercises that you like the most, you will find that you will find your excersing to be quite a lot more fun and entertaining.

Benefits Of Drinking Water With Meals

Did you know that drinking water with your meals can help improve digestion and absorption of food? Find out more benefits of drinking water with meals here!

Everyone knows that drinking water with your meals is a good habit to get into. However a wide majority of these people do not know the facts that make this information true.

It is better to be informed with the reasoning as to why you are doing something before you blindly go do it. The benefits of drinking water with every meal range all the way from dietary benefits all the way to general health benefits.

The first benefit of drinking water with every meal is perhaps the simplest of them as well, and that is the fact that water keeps you hydrated. While there are other things you could drink with your meals that would keep you adequately hydrated, none of them are as effective as water.

This is because water is the basis of everything else that hydrates you, and it saves your body from having to break down all the other ingredients in juices and soda before it can begin doing its job. While this is not only a benefit of drinking water with meals, but rather a benefit of drinking water with meals, it is still a great reason to drink water with meals.

If you are trying to lose weight chances are you are looking to cut down on calories. This makes water an excellent choice to drink with your meals because it contains no calories. If you were to drink a soda or other drink with every meal you ate every day, you are in taking a much greater number of calories than if you were to just drink water with each meal. Combine this reduced number of calories with a steady diet and exercise plan and you will be on your way to losing weight in no time at all.

Drinking water with your meals will also help prevent overeating. When the body receives water the digestive system starts its process to digest food. Once these processes start, the body sends signals telling your body that it doesn’t need too much more food to complete what it needs to get done and as a result your body doesn’t give you the desire to eat as much as had your digestive system not been activated before eating.

While drinking a different type of liquid with your meals will not kill you, drinking water definitely has a few clear advantages over other types of drinks. These benefits range from diet help to simple quality hydration. If you don’t like water, try buying flavor packets that can be added to water from the store. They are usually low in calories and relatively healthy for you.

Advantages Of Eating Small Meals Through The Day

Do you like to eat little and often, or do you prefer to ‘pig out’ once or twice a day? If you tend to eat big meals, you may find several health benefits by switching to 5 or 6 small meals, spread evenly through the day.

Many weight loss experts counsel that you should eat small meals throughout the day, rather than a couple of large meals. Small and often boosts the metabolism, and keeps blood sugar levels balanced, so you shouldn’t get an attack of the ‘munchies,’ as you never go very long between meals. This method of eating is often termed ‘grazing.’

Eating little and often helps the digestive system to work at its best, as it can be more efficient if it hasn’t got a mountain of food to process. The body is an efficient and prudent machine, and always keeps in mind that starvation could be just around the corner.

Therefore, if you eat more calories than your body needs at that time, it will store the extra energy in fat cells for later. By grazing, you’re not adding to the fat bank, so instead of adding to the balance, your body will be forced to make a withdrawal and burn off existing fat stores, which will boost your weight loss.

Grazing means that your body is getting regular intakes of protein, which is needed to maintain muscles and vital organs. Muscles burn off more calories than fat, so by building up muscles, you’re using more of the calories you eat. And if you have smaller meals, you won’t be ‘full to bursting’ and therefore unable to get up and start burning off the energy you’ve just taken in.

According to a study published in the ‘British Medical Journal,’ it appears that eating small and often is also good for your heart. People who ate six small meals had average cholesterol readings of 5 per cent lower than those who ate two large meals. The grazers also had lower levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. Researchers attributed this result to increased metabolism, although they are not absolutely sure why this should be.

The main advantage of eating small meals, whether or not you’re trying to lose weight, is that you’ll have more energy, because your body is getting a constant supply of fuel, albeit in small doses. Hunger pangs will be a thing of the past. You’ll feel better and look better, and that’s a bonus we can all appreciate!