10 Creative and Beautiful DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

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If you have an upcoming wedding and need invitations, this post is for you! In it, guest author Debbie of Affinity Agency is sharing 10 creative DIY wedding invitation ideas.

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Wedding planning and the associated costs are not for the fainthearted. Some things can cost much more than expected, but it’s even worse when the quality of the final result doesn’t meet your expectations. To save disappointment, the best option might be to put your financial resources into the day itself and choose more cost-effective or DIY options for things like the invites.

So, let’s look at 10 cost-effective and creative wedding invitation ideas to help you save more of your budget for the big day

1. DIY Watercolour designs

The best thing about watercolour is there is no ‘right’ way to do it. Whether you go for a simple colour wash or more intricate flowers, it’s a forgiving technique that will look high-quality no matter your skill level. 

You will need:

  • A small paintbrush for detail and a larger one for colour washing
  • A cup of water
  • Watercolour card
  • Watercolour paints

One of the easiest ways to control watercolour paint is through wet-in-wet techniques. This involves wetting a specific part of the card and adding daubs of colour to create a natural spread within a defined area. Adding paint splatters on dry card works nicely too and results in an artistic pastel background.

If you want to get adventurous, experiment with different colours and techniques, then allow them to dry and pick out the ones you like best.

2. DIY Calligraphy 

Using ink to create calligraphy might be a daunting prospect for some, but there are plenty of pens and tools on the market that make it an accessible option for everyone. You’ll just need to practise- a lot!

You will need:

  • Calligraphy pens
  • Ink
  • Thick card (make sure it’s thick enough so the ink won’t bleed through) 

The easiest way to learn the basics is by heading to your favourite video streaming site for expert guidance. Use some scrap card to practice until you feel comfortable writing your invitation text.

3. Try the cut-out invite style

Cut-out style invites are set to be especially popular this year, which is great as it’s an easy (although intricate) DIY technique to master.

You will need

  • Either a pattern puncher (like a hole puncher but with patterns, found in craft shops) a paper cutting machine or a sharp craft knife
  • Thick card or paper 
  • A cutting board (if needed)

Some easy options are edging patterns or symmetrical full cover designs, but a simple, single artistic cut out can have a big impact too. Either way, you should create a master stencil to keep each invite consistent.

4. Add texture with dried flowers

Dried and flattened flowers or petals are a timeless and romantic option. And they’re affordable too. 

You will need:

  • Flowers (go for small and open flowers such as pansies, daisies, and violas) 
  • Heavy books
  • Parchment paper
  • Glue

Prepare the flowers by removing any unwanted leaves and shortening the stem. Open your big book of choice in the middle and lay the flowers face down on a sheet of parchment paper inside. Carefully place another sheet of parchment paper on top of the flowers and close the book. Add further weight on top of the book to ensure the flower is as flat as possible, then leave it alone for a month. During that time, the flower will dry out and flatten while retaining its colour. If they are not fully dry after four weeks, leave them for another couple of weeks. 

Once dried, you can adhere the flowers using glue or tie them to the envelope using twine or ribbon. If you’re using a wax seal, you could put the flowers under the wax seal for an extra creative flair. 

5. Get the luxury look with gold leaf 

Using imitation gold leaf or gold paint is an excellent way to make things look expensive without it being so – you can buy a book of 100 sheets or a tube of paint for around $10. Plus, you can be a bit messy, and it will still look elegant and attractive.

You will need:

  • Golf leaf or gold paint
  • A paintbrush 
  • A light, fluffy brush (such as a clean makeup brush) 
  • Thick card or paper
  • Glue (if using gold leaf)

If you’re using gold leaf, use a small paintbrush to add glue where you want your design to be (think of a border around the card, artistic flecks, or floral patterns). Apply the gold leaf on the glue and wait for it to dry. Using a soft brush, gently dust away the excess leafing to reveal your design. If you’re using paint, just brush away!

6. Stay consistent with stamps 

Rubber stamps are a quick and inexpensive way to apply the same design across multiple invites. And if you want to go a bit more bespoke, you can source custom-made stamps from most suppliers.

What you’ll need:

  • Your Rubber stamp
  • Ink
  • Thick card or paper

If you want to use stamps to decorate the invite, go for floral stamps or ones with design accents. You could also create a simple stamp with your initials for use across all your wedding stationery. 

7. Get digitally creative

If you have access to a printer, you can create personalised wedding invites with minimal expense. To help, there are plenty of websites that offer wedding invite design templates like Etsy or Canva. Plus, when you purchase your template, you also get easy instructions or access to someone that can help. Alternatively, you can design your own.

Once designed, you can either print and finish them at home or use a professional local printer to ensure consistent quality and finishing.

8. Add texture

A great way to add a feel of luxury and interest to your invites is to experiment with textiles like ribbon and twine. It’s also a great opportunity to begin incorporating colours (or fabrics) from your wedding theme. 

You will need:

  • Ribbon or twine
  • Scissors 
  • Thick card or paper

You can either use the ribbon or twine in a decorative sense by creating bows and knots or making it a little more functional by using it to create a rudimentary binding. For example, you could use the twine to attach the menu choice card to the rest of the invite – that way it doesn’t get misplaced.

9. Use a fancy wax seal

If you want to create an old-fashioned, hand-crafted effect with your invites, using a wax seal is a good way to go – plus it’s relatively inexpensive. There are different seals, but they all essentially work in the same way as stamps – you just apply the medium to the card first instead.

You will need:

  • Wax seal sticks, beads or colourful hot glue 
  • Your wax seal
  • Tools to melt the wax safely

Simply melt the medium, pour it on your invite and press firmly with the seal for 30-60 seconds until it cools enough to hold the shape. Et voilà, fancy wax-sealed invites.

10. Re-purpose doilies

Remember doilies? The large fabric versions were probably all over and under ornaments in your grandparents (or great grandparents) homes. But love or hate them – they are making a serious comeback! Doilies are becoming trendy again thanks to hobbyists and DIY-ers who use them to create a beautiful and inexpensive white, lacy effect on crafts – in this case, wedding invitations. 

You will need:

  • One doily per invite
  • Twine or ribbon

Simply place your invite in the centre of the doily and fold the lacy edges around the front of the card – it’s kind of like you’re wrapping the invite. Glue it down if you like, then tie twine around the whole thing before finishing with a bow in the centre. The doily helps add a romantic, ornamental effect to the invite because it mimics laser cut invites that are very popular in the wedding market at the moment.

Now you know a few ways to create the DIY wedding invitation of your dreams. It can be very affordable and only requires your time and effort. So, get creating and send your hand-crafted, wonderful invites right on time for your summer wedding…

About the Author:

Debbie is an experienced writer currently based in the UK working for Affinity Agency. Her main goal is to help others learn and develop through well-researched and informative content.

Great Meals For Your Vegan Wedding Reception

Great Meals for Your Vegan Wedding Reception – Let’s face it. When your friends and family get the invitation to a vegan wedding in the mail, the omnivores among them are going to cringe. When it comes to their food, people often find it easy to get set into a routine and don’t always welcome new choices.

But, they are willing to suffer through what they probably think is going to be an evening full of dry salad and celery stalks just because they love you. And, if you follow the ideas in this menu, you’ll be able to return that love and surprise them with vegan fare so tasty, you might even convert a few of your guests!

Cocktail Hour

If you have the right drinks, you could serve practically anything as hors d’oeuvres. But, the first course will set the tone for the evening. And with the right hors d’oeuvres, you can pleasantly surprise you friends and family and get them excited about what’s coming next, and make them sorry that they went to McDonald’s before coming.

Fried Eggplant bites

It’s hard to hate anything that has been deep-fried in vegetable oil. And greasy foods go really well with drinks.

Florentine Stuffed Mushrooms

Really, any sort of stuffed mushroom is always a big hit. These are just my favorite kind. They’re filled with cous cous, garlic, spinach, onions and bell peppers. Plus a little thyme for measure. If you plan on hiring a caterer, they’ll know what’s in season, so I would let them have free reign over your mushroom stuffing.

Spring Rolls

These are always a popular choice, because omnivores are used to eating their meaty cousin – the egg roll. And, they’re fried, so they’re guaranteed to be a big hit.

Vegetable Sushi

These are great. You can put virtually any sort of vegetable in these guys. You could even opt for vegan imitation crab meat which is hard to distinguish from the real stuff. Avocado and cucumber make really popular ingredients as well!

Summer Rolls

These are a healthier version of egg rolls wrapped in rice flour wrappers instead of deep fried dough. They traditionally contain shredded Napa Cabbage, mushrooms, carrots and been sprouts but you can really stuff any number of seasonal vegetables in these guys to make an interesting addition to your hors d’oeuvres array.

By the time your guests sit down for dinner, they will have gotten over their fear of vegan cuisine. And, thanks to the healthy nature of vegan cuisine, even though they’ve gobbled up as many vegan appetizers as they can get their hands on, they’ve still got room for more. And lucky for them, you have some more yumminess waiting for them.

Leek and Corn Stuffed Peppers with Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto

Just typing that made my stomach grumble a little. This combination of veggies and starches is filling and tasty. And you can mix up the recipe any way you like depending on what vegetables are in season.

Portabello Mushroom Bake

This dish looks and tastes great served over a bed of rice. Portabello’s have a meat like quality that omnivores love. In this recipe, the mushrooms are baked under a blend of powdered almonds, Braggs, garlic, rosemary and oregano and then topped with onions so that the flavor is locked in. Yummy.

Vegan Tourtiere

This is a vegan option for a traditional Quebecois dish. A combination of onion, mushrooms, breadcrumbs and spices are baked in a torte. Serve this hearty dish with a small seasonal vegetable salad.

And now for dessert. Thanks to all the egg and milk substitutes on the market today, there are a wide variety of desserts available to vegans that even carnivores will love. Simply replace the animal products with you’re favorite vegan substitute and you can once again enjoy your favorite goodies.

Wedding Flower Symbolism

Planning a wedding is an exciting time. You may have dreamed about the perfect dress, the perfect wedding cake, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a long time. Now that the time has come, you need to start making some choices. One of the biggest and most expensive choices you will make will be the flowers that you choose. Your bouquet and the flowers you use as decorations can make an ordinary wedding into a spectacular event. Take a look at some common meanings for some of your favorite flowers.


Roses are, hands-down, the most popular choice for weddings. They look beautiful and come in all different varieties and colors. However, before you simply choose a rose for your wedding to match your bridesmaids’ dresses, take a look at what the different colors actually mean. A rose is usually recognized as a symbol of passion, love, and perfection. This flower has been used for years during wedding ceremonies.

A pink rose is telling the world that you are expressing happiness, admiration, friendship, and appreciation. A light pink rose symbolizes grace, gladness, and perfect happiness. A lavender rose means that it was love at first sight, which is a nice gesture for a wedding ceremony.

Another popular choice is red. A red rose signifies love and passion, purity and prosperity, while a single red rose in full bloom means, “I love you.” For a sweet gesture, you can have your flower girls carry a single rosebud, which means “heart of innocence.” Besides using a deep crimson color rose (which means you are in mourning), you simply cannot go wrong with choosing roses for your wedding.


Carnations are also popular for weddings. Many people like the fact that these are budget-friendly flowers that come in a wide variety of colors and are versatile. Like the rose, the various colors signify different meanings.

For example, carnations generally symbolize divine love, fascination, and distinction. A pink carnation simply signifies a woman’s love, while a red carnation means admiration. White carnations are very popular as a choice for boutonnieres, and for a good reason. A white carnation symbolizes faithfulness, innocence, sweetness, and ardent love.

Avoid striped and yellow carnations for your wedding, which mean refusal and disappointment. While they may go great with your wedding ensemble, the meaning may turn you off a bit.

Calla Lilies

These elegant flowers are another very popular choice for weddings. They come in several colors, including white, flame, burgundy, and yellow. They make a great choice because they are not only beautiful and versatile, but they represent magnificent love and devotion.


Daisies offer a simple yet pretty look and work well in bouquets and table centerpieces. These are relatively inexpensive and come in a wide range of colors. When you use a daisy in your bouquet, you are expressing your innocence and your everlasting loyal love.

This is just a very small list of popular wedding flowers and their meanings. The list goes on and on. If the meaning of your flowers is important to you, then it is a good idea to talk to a florist who can help you arrange a beautiful and meaningful bouquet.

Wedding Favors The Basics

Whether you choose to go with a traditional or modern wedding favor, it is the thought that counts. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Providing your wedding guests with a thoughtful favor is a tradition that has evolved over the years. Wedding favors are generally a small token of appreciation that the bride and groom give to their guests at the reception. They can be as expensive and elaborate as you wish, or they can be handmade and cost-efficient.

Traditional Wedding Favors

The custom of wedding favors has been around since Elizabethan England when Queen Elizabeth I began the tradition of using ribbons to symbolize the bond of marriage. Ribbons would be used as wedding favors; for royal weddings, gold or silver ribbons would be chosen, and for all other weddings, blue and white ribbons would be given as favors. Here are some other time-honored favors:

Jordan almonds in organza bags. These are a long-standing favorite because of their implied symbolism: the bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of the pastel coated candy shell come together to represent the bittersweetness of marriage. They are generally given in a sheer organza bag and tied with a ribbon.
Matchbooks. These favors have stood the test of time. Couples generally choose a solid color matchbook with their names and wedding date printed on the cover. They are meant to convey that the couple is a “perfect match.”

Contemporary Wedding Favors

The modern wedding has become a way for the couple to express their own uniqueness and individuality. Theme weddings have surged in popularity and are an ideal way to coordinate all the aspects of your wedding decor, including favors. Some contemporary wedding favor ideas include:

Making a donation in your guests' names to a charity that is meaningful to you.
Using frosted Chinese-style takeout containers to hold candies, cookies, and other treats.
Plantable flower wedding favors contain a seeded card that your guests can plant as they desire.
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or drink mixes in personalized and single-serving sized packets.
Compilation CDs with a list of songs played at the wedding can be a gift that your guests can get more than one use out of.

Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Favors

Personalizing your favors is another way to add a touch of creativity and style to your wedding. By adding simple touches to your favors, you can give them a personal feel that your guests are sure to appreciate. Some easy ways to personalize your favors include:

Using ribbon customized with your names and wedding date.
Affixing a wedding favor tag that corresponds with the theme of your wedding.
Creating sticker labels with either the bride and groom's name or a simple monogram.

Ways to Display and Distribute Your Wedding Favors

How you choose to present your favors to your guests is entirely up to you. Some brides and grooms like to keep things simple and just display a favor for each guest at their seat or table. Another simple idea is to use picture frame place card holders that double as favors. These can be set out according to the seating arrangement and do a favor that your guests can use to display your wedding photo. Some more unique ways of favor displays and distribution include:

Have a wedding favor tree. This works especially well if you are having a Christmas wedding because you can use a Christmas tree and make personalized wedding ornaments. Otherwise, any potted tree will do. Hang lightweight favors like bookmarks or charms on the branches. Guests can then pick a favor from the tree.
Use a basket to display favors. Place it by the door with a sign reminding each guest to take a favor.

Whichever favor you decide to choose, remember that wedding favors add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding.

Wedding Favor Ideas For Lasting Memories

Send wedding guests home with something to remember the special day.

On their special wedding day, brides and grooms may choose to send their guests home with something to show their appreciation and to help them remember the special day when family and friends came together to celebrate their union.

With such a variety of tastes, it’s often difficult to come up with one thing everyone will enjoy. Some items may be personalized with the names of the bride and groom. Whatever wedding favors the guests receive, they’ll love the fact that they were appreciated.

 Coasters: Find a high-quality coaster that can be personalized with the date of the big event. Pictures may be added to some styles. Guests will enjoy one personalized coaster or a set of coasters depicting the season, enclosed in an embossed box.
 Picture Frames: Picture frames may be used as place card holders then as wedding favors for the guests’ favorite photos. Each guest may receive one or two (tied together with a ribbon in the colors of the wedding).
 Personalized Travel Kits: Send each guest away with a travel kit filled with essentials such as lip balm, sunscreen (perfect for a beach wedding), a toothbrush, sample sizes of toiletries, pens, and small notepads. Use either a neutral gender zippered case with the date of the wedding or tuck the items into a drawstring tulle bag.
 Candles: What can be more romantic than scented candles in various sizes and shapes? Add candleholders along with either lighters or matches for a complete gift. Wrap them in personalized boxes with the names of the bride and groom, along with the wedding date.
 Key Chains: Most people can always use an extra key chain. Look for one that can be personalized or, better yet, has a miniature photo frame attached to commemorate the special event.
 Bookmarks: Romance-loving guests will enjoy personalized pewter or silver bookmarks. Every time they pick up their favorite novel, they’ll think of the bride and groom.
 Cell Phone Charms: Personalized cell phone charms make excellent wedding favors. They can be found in metal or crystal, depending on the budget and tastes. They attach to the cell phone with a nylon cord. Each time the guests answer their phone or make a call, they’ll think of the bride and groom.
 Sleep Masks: Satin sleep masks block the light, enabling the wearer to fall to sleep without glaring light interfering. They may be monogrammed with the names of the bride and groom or the date of the wedding.

The most important thing to remember is that the guests will appreciate anything from the bride and groom. This is one time that it truly is the thought that counts. Many of these favors can also be used as favors at bridal showers. The bride and groom may want to have extra special gifts for members of the bridal party.

Wedding Etiquette for Speeches

You have to give a wedding speech in front of the bride and groom, the entire wedding party, and a room full of strangers. Do you know the correct etiquette?

Many people have a difficult time speaking in public, and Wedding Etiquette’s speeches are no exception and, in fact, often cause even more anxiety than the stress caused by the wedding itself.

Also, the knowledge that most of the speaker’s family and friends may be present to hear the speech often adds to the anxiety level.

When it comes to writing wedding etiquette speeches, or deciding what to say, the speaker often doesn’t know whether humor will be appreciated or not, and also perhaps doesn’t know the proper wedding etiquette for speaking or toasting at a wedding reception, causing even more anxiety.

This guide will help to answer some of those questions and clarify the proper way to introduce wedding etiquette speeches.

First of all, although there is no hard and fast rule about who follows who when it comes to the proper order of wedding etiquette speeches, the one standard rule of thumb is that the Best Man ALWAYS speaks first.

The most common order following the Best Man is as follows: groom’s parents (either parent may speak first, followed by the other one), bride’s parents (once again, either may speak first), Maid of Honor, Groom, and lastly, the Bride.

If others are asked to make a speech or would like to toast the couple, they should follow the bride, or follow whoever at the wedding party speaks last. This order may be changed around to suit the best interests of the wedding party as needed and stay within the bounds of wedding etiquette speeches.

As previously mentioned, there is no set rule other than the Best Man should speak first.

Although there are different sets of rules for the different types of wedding etiquette speeches (the groom’s father will have a different set of rules for his speech than the Best Man will, for example), there are a few rules of etiquette that apply equally to all wedding speeches. These are as follows:

Keep your speech within the 4 to 7-minute time frame that is generally thought of as appropriate. Don’t ramble on or try to tell a long story. If you go beyond 7 minutes with your speech, your audience will grow bored, plus the longer your speech, the greater your chance of forgetting your lines. It’s best to keep your speech under 5 minutes, if possible.

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your wedding speech, thinking you’ll “wing it.” If you do that, you stand a good chance of embarrassing the bride and groom and possibly yourself as well. As with all public speeches, you need to have your wedding speech prepared ahead of time and make every effort to memorize it.

Once you have it memorized, practice in front of a mirror or in front of friends until it sounds natural and unrehearsed.

During your speech, look around at your audience. Don’t look at one particular person in the audience for too long, unless you are speaking to that person (an example would be the bride’s father speaking to the bride).

Otherwise, look around at different members of the audience, or if you find it entirely too nerve-racking to do that, at least look toward the back of the room rather than at your feet or away from your audience entirely.

Lastly, DON’T has more than one or two alcoholic drinks before delivering your wedding toast. If you aren’t used to consuming alcoholic beverages, then it’s best to abstain entirely until after you’ve given your speech. This can’t be stressed enough.

No one, least of all the bride and groom, wants to hear someone who is slurring or obviously overly intoxicated, delivering what should be a sentimental and happy wedding etiquette speeches.

In addition, if you’ve had even one too many cocktails, there’s an excellent chance you’ll be smack in the middle of your prepared speech and lose your train of thought, or even forget the whole speech entirely. Nothing is more embarrassing than to be in front of a large audience with your prepared speech and to be halfway through, then suddenly having no idea what you are supposed to say next.

Wedding Etiquette For Brides

When people think of etiquette, they often imagine stuffy grandmas and repressive Victorians. But wedding etiquette isn’t there to stifle you— it’s there to make sure everyone is still speaking to one another after the big day. As you prepare for your wedding, it doesn’t hurt to remember a few simple social rules.

Gifts Are Gifts, Not Fees

Registries are a great way to let people know what sorts of things you’d like as wedding gifts. But remember gifts, while they are often given and very much appreciated, are never mandatory for wedding guests to bring. Never demand gifts or ask a guest why they didn’t purchase you something. Gifts are gifts, not entrance fees.

When registering at specific stores, it is never appropriate to list your registries on your wedding invitations, even if you only include this information on an insert. This information should only be passed on by word-of-mouth via your closest friends and family members or through shower invitations. In fact, the Emily Post Institute suggests that registry information should only be included in an insert to the shower invitations, and never on the actual invitation.

Never specify on any invitation that you would prefer money instead of actual gifts. If you really would rather have the cash, casually inform the people close to you (your parents, your siblings, your close friends), so they can mention it if anyone asks.

Every single gift received must be acknowledged by a written thank-you note— no verbal substitutes allowed! For gifts received before the wedding (including at the shower), thank-you notes should be sent at least two weeks after receiving the gift; for gifts sent after the wedding, you have three weeks after you return from your honeymoon.


When you invite guests to your wedding, specify exactly who is invited on the envelope. Don’t write “Mr. Will Watson and Guest” if you really wanted to invite Mr. Watson and his girlfriend. It’s not that hard to pick up the phone, call Mr. Watson or someone close to him, and inquire as to the name of his current squeeze.

Address envelopes using your guests’ preferred titles— not as you think they should be known. Don’t write “Mr. And Mrs. Will Watson” if you know Will’s wife goes by “Ms.” and her maiden name.

Your wedding party should all receive actual invitations to the wedding, even if they already know all of the details.

Relatives and Money

Contrary to popular belief, etiquette does not demand that certain people pay for certain things, with the bride’s parents paying for the wedding and the groom’s parents paying for the rehearsal dinner. These are common situations but are not mandated by etiquette. The wedding should be hosted by whoever would most like to have the honor— and that means either set of parents, the couple themselves, or even other family members or close friends.

However, etiquette does demand that, should you have a bridal shower, that shower is not thrown or hosted by a member of your immediate family (such as your mother or sister). Future family members (your fiancé’s sister, for example) are acceptable, but friends are the most palatable choice.

It’s Not All About You

Brides today say an awful lot of silly things: “It’s all about me,” “It’s my day,” or even “I should be able to have [object] at my wedding because I’m the bride.” Etiquette does not recognize bridal tyranny, no matter how temporary. It demands that you take into consideration the feelings of your guests, your family, and your friends, not just your own whims.

Wedding Dress Design Ideas

All brides want a unique wedding gown. So before you decide on a dress, take into account each aspect and determine what you really would like it to be. Here are some style ideas to consider if designing a dress.

Wedding Dress Waistband/Bodice

If the waist is the bride’s best feature, maybe all of the emphasis should go there. Some striking bodice options include:

 a high-sitting sequined or pearl cummerbund
 a wide basket weave sash of chiffon
 a ruched (gathered or pleated) silk bodice
 a jewel-encrusted corset-type bodice

Dress Sleeves

Think about having the dress sleeve in a different material than the rest of the dress, such as lace sleeves, netting sleeves, beaded sleeves, or chiffon sleeves. Also, consider the type of sleeve. Some distinctive types include:

 ruffled cap
 blouson (widens towards the bottom and then cuffs)
 ruched bell (pleated at the armhole and then gradually widening)
 banded puff (a puff sleeve then banded tightly at the bottom)
 dolman (wide at the armhole and then narrows at the wrist)
 illusion (basically transparent)
 shuttle (narrow at the armhole, then widens substantially and then cuffs at the wrist)

Back of Wedding Gown

The back of the dress is what guests will see when taking your vows. Make it something special with a single ruffle going down the back center of the skirt, a laced-up bodice, or maybe the skirt just cinched up in many layers in the back to create a puffy skirt effect.

Wedding Dress Skirt

If you are quite adventurous with your dress, why not do something really unusual with the fabric of the skirt. What about a skirt made of velvet, sequins, fake fur, or even white ostrich feathers? Or try a two-layer skirt with a lace front-split apron over a full silk skirt.

Wedding Gown Underskirt

Do something unique with the underskirt of the dress, like having a layer of tulle peeking out from underneath, maybe even in a different color, such as the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. There are over 30 colors of tulle available. For a winter wedding, silver trim could be attached along the bottom of the gown.

Dress Train

The dress train is also an area to consider. Maybe you don’t want one. Or maybe you want a separate train that flows from the waist or the shoulders (a Watteau train) and can be removed for the reception. It doesn’t have to be wide and heavy; it could be a more lightweight material like chiffon. It could also be in a different color to add distinction.

Wedding Gown Color

Consider making your wedding dress a combination of two colors. For example, the bodice could be a champagne color, and the skirt could be ivory. This is actually a good option if this is your second wedding and you are not comfortable wearing a totally white dress.

Embellishments for a Bridal Gown

Take into account the type of jewels and embellishments you want on your dress. It can make all the difference on a plain dress. You could add fabric rosettes, Swarovski crystals, small topaz colored jewels for a fall wedding, or red rubies for a Christmas wedding.

Crewel is a nice embellishment for a winter dress. Crewel is embroidery using thicker materials such as chenille. It gives a dress more dimension. Pearls are a favorite, but you can always try something new by using freshwater pearls (great for a beach wedding dress) or softly colored pearls in pinks and lavenders. The embellishments can go along the neckline, on the skirt, or the edge of the sleeves.

All of these wedding gown styles and ideas can inspire you to create a unique and custom wedding dress.

Wedding Color Schemes Ideas

Beautiful wedding color scheme ideas can be inspired by everything from fashion jewels to decorative paper to paint colors.

The best way to find the right combination of colors for your wedding is to take inspiration from a piece of fabric, wallpaper, art, or many other ideas.

Wedding Color Combinations

 Paint Colors: A great place to find inspiration for wedding colors is paint companies. Every year most come out with a color trends report offering a series of colors that compliment each other. At Behr paint's website, simply choose a color and then use their Color Smart feature to get three complimentary colors.
 Patterned Ribbon & Decorative Paper: Ribbon and paper, such as those used in scrapbooking, offer beautiful color palettes. An added benefit is that they can then be used as part of the decorations.
 Fabric & Wallpaper: These are other sources of inspiration. It doesn't mean the fabric has to be used in the wedding; just use the colors as a guide.
 Make-up: It may sound offbeat, but great sources for a wedding color palette are eye shadow sets. Consider Smashbox's Eye Shadow Trio in On Stage – beautiful coordinating shades of gold, russet brown, and taupe beige that would be perfect for a fall wedding.
 Jewelry: If looking for jewel tones, check out jeweled costume brooches, which usually have a mix of colors that work well together or at least shades that go well with gold and silver, which are great accent colors.

Wedding Color Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

 If having a Christmas wedding, check out high-end Christmas cards or gift wrap to get that right mix of elegant seasonal wedding colors.
 For a beach wedding, look at the color mix in vibrant swimwear or sarongs.
 It doesn't have to be pastels for summer and darker shades for fall, unless, for example, photos will be in front of fall foliage, and then the wedding party's attire might clash with the background.

Other Wedding Color Ideas

 The dominant color is used for bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, invitation envelopes, wedding cake icing, and so forth. Choose one or two accent colors for secondary flowers in bouquets, centerpieces, and table napkins.
 Always have white, cream, or ivory somewhere in the mix.
 Black and white themes are nice, but to soften it, try dark grey with cream.
 If you only want to use one color, choose two or three different shades of it for accent colors for a monochromatic look.

There are so many sources of inspiration to find the perfect wedding colors, from paint color combinations to decorative paper and ribbon, even costume jewelry.

Wedding Centerpieces For Reception Tables

Beautiful wedding centerpieces guests will love, from tiered antipasto platters to bouquets of chocolate flower wedding favors to floral vases with etched table numbers.

Striking wedding centerpieces that make a statement but do not break the budget are always a top request from brides. Here are some simple yet distinctive alternatives to consider.

Food Centerpieces Ideas

 Place a multi-tier plate of chocolates or small desserts in the center of the table for guests to enjoy at the end of the meal.
 Another great food centerpiece is to place a cheese and fruit tray or an antipasto platter in the middle of the table, something for guests to enjoy as they wait for others to take their seats.
 Create a centerpiece made of chocolate flowers that have a stick for a stem. Arrange them in a vase with styrofoam in the bottom to hold the sticks in place. The flowers can double as wedding favors for guests.
 Use a mini edible wedding cake for each centerpiece. After the bride and groom have cut the official cake, a volunteer at each table could then cut the centerpiece cake at each guest table.

Floral Wedding Centerpieces

 Make each centerpiece an exact replica of the bride's wedding bouquet.
 If the ceiling is low, hang floral centerpieces from the ceiling with invisible wire, so they are hanging just above the guests' heads and not in their line of vision.
 If using a clear vase, add food color to the water that matches or coordinates with the colors of the flowers or wedding colors, or use a vase in a coordinating color to the flowers, i.e., orange glass vase for a fall floral arrangement.

Wedding Centerpiece Vases

 For a fall wedding, fill large glass hurricane jars with pecans in their shell (it has a glossy brown shell) and then place a large orange pillar candle in the center for an easy centerpiece.
 A great centerpiece for a Christmas wedding is to fill a wide glass vase with dried cranberries and place a white sugared pillar candle in the middle.
 Another idea for centerpieces is to take a glass vase and, using an etching kit, etch either the bride and groom's names or the table number on it.

Candle Wedding Centerpieces

 Hang ornate tin or Chinese paper lanterns from the ceiling with invisible wire over each table.
 Create paper lanterns for the table out of solid stock decorative paper. The lanterns could have a shape or pattern cutout or could spell out the bride and groom's names and wedding dates. Again, use LED or battery candles for safety.
 Place a candelabra in the center of the tables. If this is too expensive of an option, consider wine bottle candelabras, which can cost as little as $10. The wine bottle can be replaced with a more decorative bottle.

Wedding centerpieces can be anything from flowers to candles to food, all of which guests will enjoy and will add to the ambiance of the room.