Bridesmaid Gifts

A bridesmaid gift is a token of appreciation for the friends who make a wedding a singular day. Choose gifts that are useful and express all the gratitude and love felt.

The kind of woman who stands beside a bride on her special day deserves a gift that speaks to the efforts she put forth. A bridesmaid is synonymous with the best kind of friendship and sisterhood. Gifts that touch her heart will be the icing on the cake.

 A Handwritten Thank-You Note - Every bride should compose handwritten thank-you notes for the bridesmaids who support her through thick and thin and for every pre-wedding meltdown. A handwritten thank you says that a bride took the time and didn't just deliver a cookie-cutter message. No matter what gift is given, nothing compares with this kind of letter that will be read over and over until the ink fades.

 Personal Care Items - Lotions, bath gels, and body splash are a great way to show a caring bridesmaid that the feeling is mutual. All girls love to be pampered, and coming down off the wedding jitters calls for a nice long bath with all the right tools. Bath and Body Works is the go-to place for this kind of thing with pre-arranged baskets and the like.

 Charity Donations - For the bridesmaid who feels good when she is saving the world (after all, that's why you had her in the party), place a charitable gift in her name. A wedding at its finest is a celebration of giving and sharing. Keep that spirit with a donation, large or small. Try Charity Navigator, a website devoted to making giving a reasonable secure process.

 Gift Cards - Gift cards are for the girl who you think has everything. She knows what's missing and has no problem picking it out. Get her a gift card in a hearty denomination, and she'll be showing you the gift "you brought" her with pride. Gift cards can seem cold or detached, so the handwritten thank-you note is all-important.

 Jewelry - For the maid of honor, that best friend since grade school, or beloved sister, jewelry is a great choice. A heart-shaped pendant is a charming choice. A double-sided locket with a picture of the bride and her friend is a gift that will touch the heart of the recipient.

 Picture Frames - A picture frame filled with a poignant image for the ceremony can be just the thing to say you are thankful for the time that a bridesmaid can put in making the memories special.

 Engraving - When purchasing a picture frame or a locket, engraving can take the present from a considerate gesture to a sentimental treasure. Don't just put names and dates; let the gift speak with a touching line from a poem or a childhood nickname.

Let the wedding party girls know how much their support means to you; purchase presents that will be something that helps them forever recall that wonderful day.