Bridal Shower Games And Ideas On A Budget

Easy and fun bridal shower games and activities can play an important role in making a shower a success.

No one knows for certain when wedding showers originated, but their roots seem to be traced to Holland. A Dutch folktale tells of a wealthy young woman who fell in love with a peasant. The woman’s father, unhappy with his daughter’s choice for a husband, refused to give her a dowry. So the townspeople, being sympathetic to the young couple, decided to “shower” them with gifts for their new life together.

A traditional shower is a party for the bride-to-be hosted by a close friend or relative and attended by family and friends who offer gifts and encouragement to the bride. Today there are many variations on the bridal shower theme – couples’ showers, family showers, office showers – but the women-only shower is still the most popular. But all showers have one theme in common: Fun.

Following are a few suggestions for bridal shower games and activities. The only supplies needed are paper and pen and a lively imagination.

Bridal Shower Words of Wisdom

Each guest is given a quarter sheet of paper and asked to write an anonymous pearl of wisdom for the bride-to-be on how to achieve marital bliss. The guest folds the paper in half and gives it to the hostess. When all the guests have finished, the hostess reads each piece of advice to the bride-to-be. The bride-to-be chooses the advice she likes best, and the author wins a prize.

Wedding Night Necessities for the Bride and Groom

Each guest prints the letters of the bride and groom’s first names in a column along the left side of a sheet of paper. The hostess instructs the guests to use each letter to begin the name of something the bride and groom might need or want on their wedding night.

Guests should be given a time limit to complete their words. When time is up, the bride reads her answer for the first letter, followed by the guests clockwise around the room. If any guest(s) duplicate the bride’s answer, both must cross that answer out. Play continues for all the letters, and the player with the most unduplicated answers is the winner. (In the event of a tie, the person whose birthday is coming up next is the winner.)

The Bride in Her Wedding Gown on Her Wedding Day

Each guest writes her name on a sheet of paper, then places the paper name-side down on a large, thin, firm book (children’s picture books work well … borrow a stack from a friend or from the local library). The guest must then place the book and paper on top of her head and draw a detailed picture of what the bride will look like on her wedding day. After two minutes or so, the hostess collects all the drawings, shuffles them, and gives them to the bride-to-be, who then chooses the winner.

Variation: The guests draw the groom as the bride describes him in detail.

A Descriptive Tale of the Bride and Groom on Their Wedding Day

Before the day of the shower, the hostess (or a helper) writes a short story about the bride and groom, leaving blanks in strategic places (approximately as many blanks as there will be gifts to open). As the bride opens each gift, the hostess fills in each blank in order with a descriptive word pulled from the guests’ comments or from the bride’s expressions of appreciation (without their knowledge, of course). After all the gifts have been opened, the hostess reads the story aloud to the group. Following is a sample story:

On the day (groom) proposed to (bride), he said, “You’re so .” She gazed at him and said, “I think you’re .” They knew they would always look back fondly on that _ day and say, “It was a day!” As the two of them began making wedding plans, (bride) wanted everything to be , and (groom) was sure everything would be . The day of their wedding finally arrived, and both the bride and the groom were feeling just . The fates were smiling on them, and the wedding was absolutely , the reception was totally , and a time was had by all. (And the _ wedding night is none of your business!)

A bridal shower is an occasion for love and laughter, games and activities, gifts, and good wishes – all doing their part in creating a cherished memory for the bride-to-be.