Best Times for a Caribbean Cruise

For most of the year the weather in the Caribbean islands features average lows in the mid-70s to average highs in the mid-80s. With that in mind pretty much any time is a good time for a Caribbean Cruise, but when are the best times to go? The answer to this question depends on a few factors ranging from your budget to your travel needs and wishes.

According to several travel websites, the most expensive time to cruise to the Caribbean is in the summer months between June and August, spring break and during winter break from schools. The temperatures are generally higher in these months making for excellent swimming conditions. School is also out during these months and most families want to take vacations while their kids are off.

It’s important to note that because so many people are taking cruises the Caribbean during the summer these cruises are generally a very full. There will be a lot of people so if you prefer less people (especially less kids) around you then you should consider going in the slower season. June is also the beginning of hurricane season but the weather usually doesn’t get too bad until September and October.

The low/slow season and the cheaper time to cruise is April, May and September through January with the exception of spring and winter break from schools. December through April is also the driest time in the Caribbean with low humidity and less chance of rain. The catch with cruising during this season is the water is often a lot colder but for some people the smaller crowds, fleeing the cold weather of the north and cheaper cruise prices makes the colder water worth it.

Have you been to the Caribbean more than once? When is your favorite time to visit?