How to Make 6 Figures in One Year

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I said in a recent post that my goal beginning with this year is to make 6 figures a year annually. Here, now are 10 of my ideas of ways to make 6 figures in one year. At
the end of this list, feel free to add a comment if you have a better
way to make 6 figures in one year or if you would like to chime in about
how crazy/brilliant you think I am in the comments section.

1. Ask 100,000 people for $1 and assume they will give it to me. Or get
really crazy and ask 20,000 people for $5 and assume they will give it
to me 😉
2. Write a book, self-publish on Amazon, at $2 in royalties sell 50,000
copies to have $100,000. Repeat every year for the rest of my working
days. Ok maybe this isn’t the best option but there are loads of great self publishing companies out there that will help you make some money!
3. Promote a product that is at least $100 on Amazon and get 25,000 people to purchase it since I currently get 4% of any purchase as an affiliate.
4. Sell 20,000 items on My current offer that is up is to “Paint Your Name Graffiti Style on Canvas for $5
5. Begin stripping in Pasco/Polk County (since someone said I’m too fat
to strip in Hillsborough- long story LOL) for a year hoping to earn
about $274 a night. Mom, if you are reading this- calm down. I’m not
actually going to become a stripper it was just an idea I had for this
list of 10 ways I could make 6 figures in a year!

6. Make a Youtube video and try to make it go viral to make 6 figures. Not sure what the per
view rate would be so I’m not sure how many views I need for a viral
video- but you get the idea 😉 I could always Buy YouTube Subs to subsequently boost my views and bring in those 6 figures!
7. Use Google Adsense on all of my blogs and somehow get enough page
views on them to result in 6 figures. Again, not sure what the per view
rate would be but assuming a penny per view I would need 10,000,000 in
one year.
8. Write 4,000 blog posts for other people at $25 each
9. Work 2,000 hours as a photographer at $50/hr in one year
10. Get 1,000 freelance writing gigs at $100 each in one year. The most
I’ve gotten in one year was 52 gigs at $100/gig, but hey! I didn’t try
as hard as I should have and if I put my mind to it anything is
possible. Right? Right? Crickets? Seriously…was that sound byte really
necessary? Oh, those sounds are in my head? I guess I’m just losing

Maybe I should just meet a millionaire and ask him for $100,000. This is
highly unlikely, but then again I’m very persuasive when I’m motivated
enough to get what I want. Ha!

In all honesty, I’m thinking the one I’ll pursue the hardest to make 6
figures this year is option #2 because I just finished writing my first
eBook and plan to self publish via Amazon this month 😉

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5 Things I Learned from Bridget Marquardt

Bridget Marquardt

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a die hard The Girls Next Door 
fan. Ever since the first episode I watched featuring Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson I was hooked! Who wouldn’t want a
life of luxury and fantasy that these women got to live?!? I personally
wouldn’t want to be a girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, but I would love the
perks they got from living at the mansion!!!

While watching The Girls Next Door
I learned a lot believe it or not. My favorite girlfriend was and always will be Bridget Marquardt. Why? Well, she was a mass
communications major, I too was a mass communications major. She loves
Halloween, I love Halloween. She loves to dress up and I do too when I
have the money to do so. She likes to party plan and I do as well…the
list goes on and on of things I have in common with this awesome chick.
Of the many lessons I learned watching the show, here are five that
REALLY stuck with me:

1. Never give up on your dreams!
Bridget tested to be in
and didn’t get chosen so she went back
to school. However, she didn’t give up on her dream of being in 
When the opportunity to move into the mansion came up she jumped at the
chance. Not expecting anything from it, she just set out to have fun.
Low and behold though moving in led to the chance to be in the magazine
and she was stunning in every pictorial she was a part of.
2. Age ain’t nothing but a number!
Even over the age of 30 Bridget still had a rockin’ body and got in
magazine. Now, I don’t desire to be in Playboy, but as a gal
that is not exactly getting any younger this inspires me! You can be
sexy over 30!
3. Be genuine! In the first
episode Bridget talks about how she was there at the mansion to have fun
and not to see what she could out of it. She was always genuine and the
girls that were fake were weeded out of the mansion. People can tell
when you are just being friendly to use people. Be genuine with people
and your relationships will be deeper and more fulfilling.
4. You CAN eat and look good!
The episode where Bridget prepares for her strip tease and the episode
where she prepares to do a workout video both spoke to me. I’ve
struggled with my weight since high school and it was nice to see
someone who loves food as much as I do could workout in a fashion that
burned off pizza, cake and whatever else she wanted to eat!

This is a twitter exchange I had with Bridget in January about her workout routine nowadays:

5. Once a Dream Comes True, Dream Bigger! You can keep dreaming even after your dreams come true. The end goal of being in Playboy led Bridget to dreaming of being a radio host, hosting a travel show and so much more. I hope that all of my dreams come true and once they do I plan to make new lists of new dreams and go after them too.

Are you a fan of  The Girls Next Door? What are your favorite episodes?!?
Want to get the series on DVD? Click the HERE to get all of the episodes.

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I’m a Terrible Boy Scout


Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m a girl and that I was in Girl Scouts NOT Boy Scouts, but if I had been a boy in Boy Scouts I probably would have been kicked out. This fact is becoming more and more clear to me lately.
Maybe this was kickstarted by a few nights spent reading over Know Prepare Survive, but the facts remain that I’m useless for this kind of thing! Here is my evidence:

– I am out of shape
– I have no sense of direction
– I can’t tie very good knots
– I chicken out at the site of snakes, spiders, creepy crawlers, etc…
– I have to have an air mattress and a lamp when camping
– I can’t read a compass let alone a map
– I’m not that good with being in the woods without freaking out that something will eat me, kill me, maim me, etc…
– I have no hand eye coordination
– I have gotten lost in my apartment complex three times (including today which is what inspired this blog post)
– You get the idea…

What am I going to do to fix this? Welp, I think it’s high time I work on all of these skills so that I can feel confident not only in a camping situation but also so I’m more confident for survival regardless of my circumstances. With that said, I’m going to begin my “boy scout” training ASAP. I’ll just have to bring my husband along with me because he and I both agreed that if I try to learn survival skills without him there coaching me I’ll probably end up dead. Due to my lack of survival skills, one of my friends said that it’s probably wise that my husband and I consider purchasing some walkie talkies to make sure that we can find each other if one of us gets lost. That’s not a bad idea, we might have to try and find the best walkie talkie in the market to make sure we stay safe when we start “boy scout” training! Apparently, it’s always good to take someone camping with you, just in case anything goes wrong.

If anyone has any tips for me to learn survival skills, that would be greatly respected!

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How Do I Get Your Job?

One of the questions I’m asked A LOT is “How Do I Get Your Job?” It’s no secret I LOVE what I do for a living. In my short career as a writer and photographer I’ve gotten to do some pretty amazing things. Meet celebrities, have wild experiences such as jet skiing and parasailing, enjoy the best (and worst) meals of my life and have enjoyed every single minute of being a freelancer! So, I’ve decided to finally answer the question, “How Do I Get Your Job?” by telling you what I did. If you think it will work for you too, feel free to follow my steps. I feel like my tips can be adapted by anyone, no matter what industry they’re wanting to get into. For example, my friend that proof-read this article before I posted it was trying to learn how to get gigs in comedy and she said she had taken a lot of the points on board! However, not everyone is going to agree with me. If not, how do you think I could have done it better?

Step one- decide you actually want what you are after. I had to make the conscious decision that I want to be a freelance writer and photographer for the rest of my life.

Step two- decide who you want to work for and then immediately contact them to find out how to do just that

Step three- annoy the hell out of them until they let you work for them. Okay, this might sound crazy but my persistence is what got me some of my first paid writing gigs. I actually had one client tell me they would give me a story if I would just quit calling and emailing them.

Step four- be on time with every deadline. I have heard from so many of my clients how they have to cease working with writers simply because they don’t turn stuff in on time- some of them don’t even give a reason and worse some of them don’t turn their stuff in at all!

Step five- keep coming up with ideas constantly. One of my gigs dried up because I quit submitting fresh ideas. I fully plan to sit down and brainstorm a big list and try to get this gig back ASAP but I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now and I’m trying to figure out my next move.

Step six- have a back up plan when the chips are down. I started several of my own websites including this one as well as Tampa Bay Freebies, Living the Secret, and We Are Full of Bull simply to keep having a place to write daily. A lot of companies have stopped hiring me because they are short on funds and having my own sites allows me to keep writing and hopefully soon make more money. I’ve signed up for several affiliate programs and adsense in hopes of having my websites make me cash even while I sleep.

That’s really it. I still just knock on doors and make phone calls and send emails when there is some gig I want, I’m persistent and I follow through. I have a back up plan that may ultimately become my plan A if all works out.

As I mentioned recently, my goals are far from complete. My next massive goal for my career is to become a 6-figure earner annually. I will spill the beans in an upcoming post on how I plan to make that goal a reality.

What are your tips for success?

The Way to Make Your Wishes Come True

I’ve been saying to my husband for years that I want to make 6 figures a year. When I say things like this he generally replies with a snarky comment like “I want a Mustang convertible” or “I want to fly to the moon.” I usually reply back with a snarky comment of my own and that’s the end of the conversation.

Last night, however, I had had enough. We ride together because we work in the same building right now and on our way home from work we were chatting together about life and our goals and I once again said “I want to make 6 figures a year by the end of this year.”

Just like always the snarky comments began. I got so mad I just about lost my cool but I forced myself to stay calm and I asked him why when I tell him my goal is to earn 6 figures a year he acts sarcastic like that instead of giving me words of encouragement. What he said back hit me so hard I nearly had to pull the car over (I was driving) because I realized just how right he was.

He said, “You say all these goals and wishes and dreams all the time but you never say HOW you are going to accomplish any of them.”

Whoa! He’s right. I say things like “I wish I was thinner, I wish I was richer, I wish I worked out more often, I wish I cooked more at home, I wish we were debt free, I wish…” but it’s only when I put together a plan for anything that I ever FOLLOW THROUGH.

A goal is just a wish/pipe dream until you have a plan to make it happen. So, today I’m going to sit down and begin brainstorming about HOW I will make 6 figures a year and PLAN it out on paper to make it happen. I’ll break it down into tasks I can accomplish to make my fantasy my reality.

What’s your wish? Make a plan to make it come true!

Warning: This Post is Really Cheesy – Grilled Cheese Month

grilled cheese

Did you know that April is Grilled Cheese Month? Well, according to Woman’s Day, April is “Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month (via Wikipedia). In honor of that I decided to hunt for some grilled cheese recipes.

First I will share how I do grilled cheese 🙂 My absolute favorite way to eat a grilled cheese is with Campbell’s Bean with Bacon Soup.
I take two ordinary slices of white bread and dollop butter (5 dollops
so it looks like a flower) onto it and broil it in the oven until the
butter melts and the bread is toast then I flip it over and add the
cheese until it melts and then add two more slices of white bread to the
dollop with some more butter onto the top and broil it until the butter
melts and the bread is toasted creating a gooey inside and only semi
crusted outside. I generally dip the sandwiches into the Campbell’s Bean with Bacon Soup. Nom nom nom!!!

While sitting writing this post someone who works with my husband
inquired as to what I was doing. Excited by the grilled cheese idea he
immediately informed me of his favorite grilled cheese recipe… He gets
two slices Rye bread and adds a little butter to both slices. To that
he adds Muenster Cheese and throws it on a griddle grilling both sides
until the insides are gooey and the outsides are crusty. Thanks Josh for
the recipe!

On Pinterest I
found a recipe for a grilled cheese that became my dinner one night.
Mozzarella and pepperoni on white bread grilled to perfection and then
served with a marinara sauce for dipping. It’s like a mini calzone. So

Other recipes include:

Grilled Ham and Cheese

Parmesan Crusted Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

Check out dozens of grown-up grilled cheese recipes via the Grilled Cheese Academy

What’s your favorite grilled cheese sandwich recipe?

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Change Your Name- Get Famous!


Change your name and get famous! Okay, it may not happen THAT fast, but it sure does seem like that is the fastest and easiest way to start your path to fame. It’s funny, I started calling myself Famous Ashley Grant because someone dubbed me that and doing this led me to finally getting full time work in my dream job of writing, blogging and taking photos. Hmm, perhaps there is something to this change name and get fame game…

Here are just a few artists that are crazy famous and using names that are not on their birth certificates….

– Curtis James Jackson III (a.k.a. 50 Cent)

– Christopher Wallace (a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G.)

– DeAndre Cortez Way (a.k.a. Soulja Boy)

– Eilleen Regina Edwards (a.k.a. Shania Twain)

– Sean John Combs (a.k.a. Diddy)

– Peter Gene Hernandez (a.k.a. Bruno Mars)

See more stars and their REAL names HERE!

Get your own Hollywood Walk of Fame star HERE for FREE!!!

Celebrities I Share My Birthday With

I was wondering what celebrities I share my birthday with so I looked it up! The one I’m most excited about that I share my birthday with has become my favorite actress lately! Mila Kunis!
Happy Birthday to all you awesome Leos!!!
John Henry “Doc” Holliday (1851)
David Crosby (1941)
Steve Martin (1945)
Danielle Steel (1947)
Stanley McChrystal (1954)
Magic Johnson (1959)
Halle Berry (1966)
Mila Kunis (1983)

….Also found out I share a birthday with Spencer Pratt from The Hills…but he is an alien not a celebrity…so that doesn’t count!

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There is ALWAYS Something to be Thankful For

Today, I’m feeling so very grateful and thankful for my career. In the past five years I’ve gotten to do things and see things I don’t think I ever would have if I had stayed on the path I was on before deciding to become a writer and photographer. In 2005 I was still an education major and believed that my path was to become a high school social studies teacher. I knew I could find a way to be content with it but something always felt off.

Luckily, one of my professors, my art professor in fact, told me she saw me in a different career. She visualized me as a member of the media and suggested I take a mass communications class as an elective. Figuring I had nothing to lose I took Professor Rick Wilber’s Introduction to Mass Communications and fell in love with ALL things media! After that I was done with education and changed my major to Mass Communications with emphasis in Magazine Journalism.

 In February 2007 my very first article was published in the USF Oracle. Since then I have loved every minute of being a writer and photographer. There have been ups and downs but at the end of the day this is everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. I love my job and I look forward to every story I write and every photograph I take! I also look forward to actually becoming The Famous Ashley Grant!

Sure, I’m not 100% where I want to be in my career yet, but I know that if I continue on my current path I will have everything I want and get to keep doing the things I love to do. I do still want to teach, but I think my path will bring me to grad school to teach at the college level and instead of teaching social studies I’ll teach journalism, but that is several years off. I have so much more I want to do before becoming a teacher.

 I will write books, I will write more articles, I will take a crap ton more photos and I will BE the Famous Ashley Grant. I am so thankful I get to do this as my career and I am so grateful that my husband has supported me in my dreams since I decided this would be what I would do for a living!

3 Yard Sale Lessons Learned in Kentucky

On the Kentucky trip I’m learning a whole bunch of stuff about yard sales and here are three tips I’ve picked up:

1. Gather a bunch of stuff you want and offer one price to the seller. Start at half the tagged price and go from there.

2. Don’t commit too much to an item where the seller can see your excitement. If they know you really want it they will try to sell it for the full tag price.

3. Beware the sales that have multiple sellers that are not present at the sale. You are less likely to haggle a price if the sellers aren’t at the sale because people aren’t willing to speak on behalf of others.