As Adults We Should Treat Everyday Like Our Birthday

Today is my actual birthday. Yep, I’m celebrating another trip around the sun. And, to be honest, earlier this month I was super bummed about it.

Why? Because I got to thinking about my age and all the things I haven’t done yet. In truth, I was thinking too much about all the things society said I should have done by now…

Then, a heart to heart with my husband made me realize that not only am I being negative, I’m being negative because of what other people think I should do with my life rather than the things I actually want to do. So this is how I decided that we should treat everyday like it’s our birthday. Now I’m not saying we should get presents from JACOBS THE JEWELLER every day, as much as I’d love to. They have the most beautiful pieces there and I’ve always got my eye on something or other from their site. And I’m not saying you should hire a band everyday either, but I mean you should celebrate the little things.

Celebrate Like It’s Your Birthday

Needless to say, the conversation the hubs and I had lead me to quite the journaling session where I started thinking about how freaking lucky I am to have all the things I have.

I’m also really lucky to have had the experiences I’ve had like going to Cancun, traveling to Belize, visiting Thailand, and the wild stories each destination gave me.

I’m also grateful as can be that I’ve designed a dream job that allows me to work from home. The lack of a commute alone makes me insanely grateful.

By the end of my journaling session I came to one glaring realization. As adults, every day can be like our birthdays. And, we should celebrate them as such.

Every day that we wake up – that’s the gift. Any day that we’re not six feet under is a great day my friends. Because no matter what we face that day, we got the opportunity to face it.

While I was thinking about this… I stumbled upon this silly music video by artist Futuristic called “Everyday Is My Birthday.” The lyrics that stood out to me the most go like this:

Every day is my birthday, yeah
Get the cake, get the cake
Every day is my birthday, yeah
Feeling great, feeling great
Make a wish, so it all come true
Close your eyes, and it all come true

Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Though the video is silly, and the concept might seem silly too – the lyrics hit me right in the feels. Every day we wake up, we get the chance to make our wishes come true.

By that logic, every day is our birthday. We should celebrate! I know I for one certainly plan to!

I’ll close with an excerpt from this article aptly titled Everyday is Your Birthday, by Katelyn Reiss:

“It is so easy for us to fall victim to our stress and feel like everything we are doing is for nothing. It becomes difficult to find true meaning and be happy with ourselves each day when we feel held down by all of our duties.

“Our birthday is a day of joy. People who we haven’t spoken to in months reach out to us to let us know how much they love us and miss us. We feel like we are important, but truth be told, we are important all of the time.

“We find happiness in being able to relax on our birthday and surround ourselves with good company. Why shouldn’t we do that everyday? Why shouldn’t we have that slice of cake or reminisce about old times?

“Birthdays are supposed to be a time of relaxation, reflection, happiness and feeling good about yourself. Why should all of these great things be limited to one day out of 365? They shouldn’t. We should feel plentiful each day and treat others as if it is their birthday too.”

I agree wholeheartedly Katelyn. So, with that said – Happy Birthday everyone. Here’s to celebrating you!