Are Wedding Planners Really Necessary?

Hiring a wedding planner can seem like a good idea when considering all of the work and stress that goes into planning weddings, but are wedding planners really worth it?

Wedding planning is a huge undertaking, and many couples think they do not have the time or skill to plan the perfect wedding. They begin to feel overwhelmed and wish that they had someone to facilitate the entire process for them. This is when the couple starts to think that hiring a wedding planner might be a good idea. While hiring a wedding planner will definitely make planning less work for the bride and groom, it may not be worth the money for every couple.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Wedding planners perform a variety of functions. They come up with original ideas based on a theme, concept, or general feeling from their clients. They execute their clients’ ideas. They negotiate with vendors to get their clients the best deal possible. They assemble favors and/or centerpieces. They make sure their clients stay within their budget. They run weddings and receptions and make sure everything goes smoothly. They deal with any problems that occur, so the bride and groom do not have to worry about anything. Basically, a wedding planner will handle anything related to the wedding.

How Much Do Wedding Planners Charge?

As with any job, the cost of a wedding planner depends on their individual experience. However, the average amount of planner charges is about 15-20 percent of the total cost of the wedding. If the wedding planner is just starting out, they may charge less. Likewise, if the planner has many years of experience under their belt, they may charge more.

The Pros of Hiring a Wedding Planner

There are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner. They include:

 Negotiation – If the bride and groom are not good negotiators, a wedding planner can help them get a better deal from their vendors.
 Experience – Wedding planners with a lot of experience will generally have better and more unique ideas to help the bride and groom have the wedding of their dreams.
 Budgeting – If money managing isn’t a skill the couple possesses, the wedding planner can help make sure they stay within their budget.
 Time – If the bride and groom both have busy jobs or lives, the wedding planner can save them a lot of time by meeting with the vendors and handling a majority of the tasks that come with planning a wedding.
 Reduce stress – The wedding planner can take care of any problems that occur when planning the wedding or during the wedding, which will make the experience more enjoyable for the bride and groom.
 Destination weddings – A destination wedding planner can be very helpful since, generally, the couple will not be able to fly out to the destination multiple times while planning the wedding. Having someone on-site in this case is basically a necessity.

The Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

There are some negative points to hiring a wedding planner, too. If the wedding budget is small, a wedding planner is another expense the bride and groom will have to factor in the total cost of the wedding. It can also be hard for some couples to relinquish control of the day to a third party. They have to be able to trust that another person will be able to translate their ideas into the wedding of their dreams.

While professional wedding planners can be very helpful when planning a wedding, they are not always necessary. Depending on the size of the wedding and budget, some couples may be able to plan the wedding themselves. Sometimes, a wedding planner can be hired to just handle part of the wedding, like just the reception or helping with vendors. The bride and groom should think about the size of their wedding and budget and their own skills before deciding to hire a wedding planner.