Alternatives For A Low Carb Breakfast

For a low-carb diet program, breakfast is the most challenging meal of the day. Gone are cereals, pancakes and toast. Here’s some interesting alternatives.

You are low-carb’ing. It is going well, but if you have to eat bacon and fried eggs (or a variation of it) for breakfast one more time, you will scream. So, how to get out of that rut? There are a number of non-traditional low-carb breakfast options, one only needs imagination.

Turning (breakfast) Japanese

Other than rice, much of the traditional Japanese breakfast fits well with low-carb eating. Grilled fish, rolled omelet, pickles, miso soup, all fit nicely into a low carb menu. Miso soup, particularly, is quick and easy, and could be partially prepared the night before. A standard recipe includes a block of firm tofu, chopped green onions, 3-4 tablespoons of miso paste, and 3 cups of dashi stock. Boil the ingredients together, and serve. Lots of pre-cooked low carb veggies can be added at this point; cabbage, bok choy, spinach, daikon radish, mushrooms…the possibilities are endless. Adding fish to this unique breakfast provides plenty of protein, is filling, and keeps your blood sugars stable.

Reversing your meals for the day

An old favorite in times gone by was steak and eggs for breakfast. During the low-fat diet phase, eating that much cholesterol-laden food was deemed taboo. However, recent research has shown that a higher-fat, higher protein breakfast can set up a person’s metabolism for the day. Even to a lay-person, this makes sense; eating a highly sugared, high carb breakfast (or no breakfast at all) leads to extremes in blood sugar, with significant drops 2-3 hours after the meal. Eating a high protein/fat meal provides a much slower rise in blood sugars, and a slower drop. The corresponding feeling of satiety prevents the temptation for a ‘quick-fix’ snack that would re-start the cycle of high/low blood sugars.

So why not eat ‘dinner’ for breakfast? If pressed for time, much of it can be prepared the night before, and quickly re-heated in the morning. Great options are roasted chicken, roasted turkey, lean pork or roast beef, with your favourite vegetable side dishes.

Good to go

If your mornings are a mad dash out the door, munching down in the car during your bumper-to-bumper commute, you can still have the best possible low-carb breakfast to go. Pre-cut some celery and fill with peanut butter or other nut butter, and pack in a zip-lock bag. Pre-boil some eggs, pack some cut veggies, and you are on your way. Or try this:

Gluten-free Low-Carb Flax Focaccia Sandwich

Recipe: Makes 1

 2 slices (1/6 of recipe) Flax Foccacia
 2 tblsp spreadable cream cheese
 2 tblsp crushed walnuts
 A few leaves of iceberg lettuce
  1. Cut the flax foccacia recipe into 12 slices. Taking two slices, place them bottoms – up
  2. Spread the cream cheese evenly on both slices.
  3. Sprinkle the chopped walnuts over one slice, laying the iceberg lettuce on top. Fold the other foccacia slice over. Enjoy!
    Your ‘sandwich’ will be filling and satisfying, full of omega-3, calcium, protein, and is a great portable breakfast to go.

With a little imagination, preparation, and willingness to try something different, your low-carb breakfasts will be delicious and exciting. You will never miss those donuts or danishes again.