Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor parties are known for their debauchery, but what to do when the groom has no interest in strippers and beer? Have no fear… there’s plenty of fun to be had.

More and more men are moving away from “traditional” bachelor parties with strippers and massive amounts of beer. It may be a sign of changing attitudes or a reflection of rising marriage ages, but either way, it’s time to consider more creative approaches to the end of bachelorhood. Take stock of the groom’s hobbies and interests, as well as the groomsmen’s budgets, and tackle one of these adventures:

 Head out to an amusement park. Find a cool hotel nearby and spend the night reminiscing "the good old days."
 Go skiing. Arrange for lessons if the groom doesn't know how to ski.
 Take him to his favorite sporting event. Send a congrats message over the jumbotron.
 Go camping. Make sure to pack fixin's for s'mores.
 Try something extreme like bungee jumping or skydiving. At least it will be a day he'll never forget.
 Head to the nearest casino. Pool in for gambling money for the groom, and don't let him spend any of his own!
 Take in a concert. Bring along a grill and do some serious tailgating.
 Go on a guys-only road trip. Hit the wackiest sites along the way.
 Visit Graceland. Everyone should go at least once!
 Head out for a weekend at the beach or in the mountains. Some time out in nature will help him relax for the events ahead.
 Host a poker night. Make sure to serve his favorite snacks.
 Head up to Canada or down to Mexico. Don't forget passports.
 Kidnap him for a surprise weekend. Coordinate the plans with his fiancée, so there are no conflicts.
 Have a pool tournament. Feel free to make jokes about the "ball and chain."
 Play paintball. Wrap up the day with dinner at a favorite hangout.
 Spend a day with Habitat for Humanity. Power tools and charitable works – not a bad way to say goodbye to the bachelor world.
 Race go-karts. Give prizes to the winners and make sure the groom gets one.
 Take a bartending class. Make sure he learns how to make his fiancée's favorite drink.
 Roast the groom. Tell all those embarrassing stories now while the bride isn't around.
 Head out to comedy night. Make sure they know they've got a groom in the crowd.
 Spend an entire weekend on the couch playing video games and eating junk food. It may be his last chance.
 Buck tradition and hook up with the ladies for some co-ed versions of the activities above. If he's that much in love, he may have more fun that way.

Whatever the groomsmen decide, it’s important to match the activity with the groom and to keep him out of trouble. Make sure he doesn’t make any last-minute poor choices due to cold feet and always assign designated drivers so everyone will remain safe.