Activities To Bring A Family Closer Together

Creating activities to bring your family closer together has limitless possibilities. Parents can create many moments, hours and days to encourage every member participate together.

The activities may include games, projects, entertainment, parties and other kinds of togetherness. The events should be planned as frequently as possible, no matter how busy the family schedules. Each moment you savor while close together becomes a precious memory to be enjoyed in the future.

Some suggestions may help parents plan for these happy and sharing occasions.


These enjoyable outdoor meals can be planned together at the local park, seashore, mountain trail or just in the back yard. They’re more sharing if each member of the family is assigned a task. The work may include putting together sandwiches, mixing salads, making desserts, preparing fresh fruit drinks, serving and clean-up chores.


This doesn’t necessarily require attending expensive concerts and professional plays. Tickets to the local high school or college music or dramatic event are not costly. By everyone attending together, you’ll be helping educational organizations that need your support.


Take the entire family on an exciting trip. It could be anything from a day at the local amusement park to a rollicking ocean cruise. Additionally, for real outdoors activities together, schedule a family trip to a national park. It will be an educational experience for the kids, as well as fun for everyone. Further, if you all agree to do it in the old-fashioned way, load up the gear and make it a family camping trip.

Home improvement

Everyone feels important when put to work doing something constructive for the entire family. When it’s time to paint, repair and plant, give each person a task. There’s no pride more satisfying when you can look back on the old family home days, and know you’ve put in a new porch, repaired the old shower stall or planted a veggie garden.


Check with your local church and social agencies about how your family can help others. Help out at a downtown food kitchen, join in on a church rummage sale for the homeless or visit lonely old folks at a nursing home. Your family will feel the pride of contributing to your community, while the youngest acquire valuable lessons in caring for others.

There are many activities parents can choose to bring their family closer. What they do should be fun, but the most important and lasting fact is that they will be doing it together.