A Guide To Saving Money On Wedding Favors

Savvy brides-to-be know that saving money during the wedding planning process is paramount. Wedding favors are one area where creative couples can save.

Wedding favors are typically small trinkets given to wedding guests as a gesture of thanks from the bride and groom. They sometimes include the couple’s names and wedding date and can be kept as a keepsake. They may or may not reflect the couple’s wedding theme and/or colors.

From the simple, such as matchbooks printed with the couple’s names and date, to the more elaborate engraved wine glass, the type of favor will vary depending on the budget for the wedding. But while the thought of leaving guests with a memento of such a special day is lovely, breaking the bank to pay for it is not nearly as appealing.

How Much to Budget for Favors

If a couple has decided to provide favors for guests, the next step in the planning process is deciding on a budget. Factor in the cost of taxes, shipping, and personalization, multiply by the number of guests, and it is easy to see how favors could break the budget.

There will be some couples who decide that such a detail is not worth the added expense, but for those who wish to include them but don’t have a lot to spend, here are three tips to keep the costs down:

Do It Yourself

Crafty brides are in luck – wedding favors lend themselves particularly well to being homemade. With some pretty cardstock, ribbon, and labels printed at home, it is easy to create a decorative box. Candy is relatively inexpensive and comes in a rainbow of colors to suit any theme or décor. Pop some in the box, affix a decorative label printed with the couple’s names and the wedding date, and voila.

Buy In Bulk

If purchasing is preferred, it is worth noting that the unit price of favors tends to decrease as the numbers go up. It’s the same concept as buying groceries in bulk. For a wedding of 500 people, this is good news. Are you expecting a smaller crowd? Find another couple in your area who are getting married around the same time, and who want to purchase the same favors. The costs can be split evenly. This would require that each couple personalize their own favors, but the cost savings could easily offset the time investment.

Get Charitable

If there is still some room left in the budget, but it doesn’t seem like enough, making a donation to a charity is a delightful way to say “thank you” to guests. For large weddings, especially a donation in lieu of favors could be less expensive. Even though “just $100” might not buy a bride’s dream favors, it would certainly be welcomed by any charitable organization. Many such organizations will even provide cards for guests to inform them a donation has been made instead of a favor provided. And of course, don’t forget how good it feels to give something back.

These are just three of the many methods that creative couples can employ to save money during the wedding planning process. With a little knowledge and some legwork, saving money on common wedding details is easier than one might think.