A Guide To Hiring A Wedding Planner

Friend, advocate, therapist, vendor expert, negotiator, and style consultant are all words that describe one of the most important people in the wedding planning process.

If a couple is going to hire a wedding planner, they should hire this person before any other vendors. The wedding planner will help the couple choose other vendors and give vendor suggestions. Couples should avoid wedding planners that can’t work within their budget and don’t seem concerned with their opinions.

Who Needs a Wedding Planner?

Some couples are able to plan their own wedding and don’t need the services of a wedding consultant. However, many couples should consider hiring a planner, even if it’s just for the day of the wedding. If a couple fits in one of the following categories, they should consider hiring a wedding planner:

 A couple is planning a destination wedding.
 A couple planning an outdoor wedding in a location such as a beach or public garden where almost everything will have to be rented.
 A couple planning a large wedding with more than two hundred guests.
 A couple who can’t set aside ten to twenty hours a week for planning the event, especially as the wedding date approaches.

What does a Wedding Planner do?

There are different types of wedding planning services, such as day-of wedding planners for the couple who can do most of the planning themselves, a partial-event planner, and a full-service wedding planner.

Basically, couples will get what they pay for when it comes to wedding planners. A couple who spends one thousand dollars for a full-service wedding coordinator will receive different services than a couple who spends five thousand dollars. It’s up to the couple to decide what they want their wedding planner to do and negotiate for it in the contract. Here are some planning services a couple can ask about:

 Assisting the couple arranging and sticking to the budget
 Recommending and hiring vendors
 Negotiating vendor prices
 Reminding couples about deposit due dates
 Assisting with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
 Helping the bride shop for a gown and bridesmaid dresses
 Selecting invitations and keeping track of the guest list
 Assisting the couple in making the theme of the wedding come alive
 Attending the tastings and helping with menu selections
 Creating welcome bags and favors
 Arranging the wedding weekend for destination weddings

Cost of a Wedding Planner

Planners charge for their services in different ways. A planner could charge a flat fee for a certain amount of hours, flat fee based on the couple’s plans, or a percentage of the cost of the wedding. Couples should be wary of a planner charging based on the percentage of the wedding cost, because she may drive costs to increase her payout.

Every couple should be sure to read carefully read over a wedding planner’s contract and ask any questions that arise before signing. The amount of the deposit and what services it will cover should be clearly stated on the contract.

When a couple is hiring a wedding planner, they should consider the different types of wedding consultants, the services the wedding planner will provide, and the cost.