5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Reception

Weddings and the reception that follows can cost thousands of dollars, with the average wedding and reception in the United States costing over $25,000. Many couples are finding they are beginning their wedded lives broke or much worse, in debt! There are things that can be done to ensure you don’t end up in this situation.

Without a doubt, the most expensive part of the wedding day is the reception. In order to keep the reception costs from breaking the bank, consider some of these cost cutting or cost saving ideas:


An important part of any wedding and reception is sending out invitations to your guests. Consider making your own invitations. Some people can use Pinterest.com to help them come up with a few ideas on how to make your own invitation and to do it nicely. This is something that you need to consider if you would like to make a nice invitation with a budget in mind.


Consider asking a family member or friend with a nice outdoor space or large elegant home if they would be willing to host your reception. This can save the budget by taking away a large cost of venue and sometimes even decorating. How about looking into your church? Many churches will allow you to rent their facilities for free if you are a member. City Hall also allows for receptions for a lower cost than most of the wedding reception centers that are out there. This will save you a lot of money!


Instead of hiring a professional photographer that could cost you thousands of dollars consider other options. Do you have a friend or family that owns a quality digital camera that would be willing to take pictures for you? Would you enjoy random candid photos taken by your guests at the reception? If you still find you prefer hiring a photographer, look at what packages they may have. Compare prices between different photographers until you find the price and package that falls within the budget you’ve set.


This can be one of the costliest parts of any reception. Things you can consider that will save the budget include offering only one selection at the reception instead of many. You can ask family and friends to help provide the food as well. Another option is to have your reception late enough in the evening that only light refreshment would be necessary instead of a meal. If you are choosing a caterer, compare food prices and options to find the right one that meets your budget requirements.


Finding a venue that requires less decorating is best if possible. Using white holiday lights is a great budget friendly decoration. Another option is using tied ribbons on chairs instead of renting expensive chair covers. Another budget friendly decorating tip is to add a water feature. The sound of the running water adds a calming sound to the mood of the entire event.


Of course music sets the atmosphere, but it’s not necessary to hire a full band. There are options you can consider. Look for local, undiscovered talent that may be willing to entertain for much less and be happy for the added exposure. Consider the option of not having live performers at all and elect to have subtle background music instead.

The important thing when planning on a budget is just that; to stay on budget. Beginning your new married life without having extra wedding debt will make it easier on both of you and you will still be able to have fond memories of your special day!