5 Practical Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

When a couple decides to spend the rest of their lives together, they make joint choices about their lifestyles and priorities. If one of them is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, then there would be no better way for them to start than on their wedding day. Below are five practical eco-friendly wedding ideas for a couple determined to go green and have a sustainable lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

The couple can use 100% recycled material for their eco-friendly wedding invitations. There are many paper companies that now give this option even for wedding invitations. Apart from this, the couple can stick with the more old fashioned practice of keeping the wedding invite to one piece of paper or card. A formal invitation from the couple or the couple’s parents together with the details of the ceremony and the reception can form the content of the invitation. All other information, like the entourage details, can be excluded from the basic invitation.

Choosing the Time of Day, Season and Location

A couple may decide on a time of the day for the wedding ceremony such that they can take advantage of natural sunlight. A breakfast or luncheon wedding will ensure that less electricity will be used for both the ceremony and the reception. A venue that is an open-air or has a lot of windows would be ideal. The couple may also decide to choose the right season to get married, making sure that they don’t need to use too much air conditioning or heating for the celebration.

A couple may want a destination wedding. It’s definitely more romantic. However, they can also opt for a location that’s closer to home and closer to where the guests live. That way, there’s no unnecessary travel and gas emission to get everyone to the wedding. Having the wedding in the home town of either the bride or groom or at the home of someone close to the family would significantly bring down costs for the wedding and keep it more eco friendly.

Selecting The Reception Food and Sustainable Wedding Souvenirs

Most meats result in a large carbon footprint, especially beef. The couple can choose a menu that’s vegetarian or one that has local chicken or fish as the main course. It would be preferable if the couple chooses reception food, beverages, and desserts that are sourced and cooked locally as well. This keeps carbon emissions from transportation low and helps the local food industry as well.

Most couples still opt to provide wedding souvenirs or giveaways for the guests to show their appreciation. They can choose giveaways that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle such as a reusable bag, a tree seedling that can be planted by the guest, edible food with biodegradable packaging or a card made of recycled paper stating that a donation has been made on behalf of the guest to the couple’s favorite environmental group.

A couple choosing an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle can start their life together by making eco- friendly choices on their wedding day. Some practical eco-friendly wedding ideas that they can apply to their wedding are: using eco-friendly wedding invitations, choosing a time of day and season that saves electricity and energy consumption, choosing a wedding location that reduces carbon emissions, selecting reception food that excludes beef, and providing their guests with eco-friendly wedding souvenirs.