3 Proven Tips To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

I am a dog lover. I have had as many as 11 dogs at one time. I’ve not met many of these furry friends who do not like to jump, some more than others and it can be very annoying and aggravating. However, stopping a jumper is easier than you think.

My all time favorite, and I feel that is totally proven to work is a very simple trick to teach Fido to not jump. Its fool proof. While other methods may take longer or not work at all, this one will work.

You’re coming home from work and Fido rushes eagerly at you and begins to jump all over you. What do you do? Talk sweetly to him and at the same time, grasp a hold of one of his paws and don’t let go.

Begin walking with him and talking sweetly to him at the same time. As you continue walking he will begin to try to release his paws from your grip but you just keep on going and playfully chatting to him about how much fun this is.

Eventually let him go but do this every single time he jumps on you and keep a hold of his paw as you walk longer and longer each time and if he is as smart as most dogs are, you will soon begin seeing hesitation in him before he leaps up and before long, he won’t jump on you at all. This little trick can work on dogs of all ages, not just pups.

If you are one who likes to train your dog, you can train Fido to learn the ‘sit’ command and then use the word “SIT” as soon as you see him and prior to him jumping on you. Your dog can’t jump if it is sitting down.

At this point you can kneel next to him and give him some dog treats and your attention since he was wanting to jump on you strictly for your undivided attention anyways. Love on him and tell him what a great dog he is and then release him from the sit position and he should at that time be uninterested in jumping on you.

Once it registers that when he sees you he is to sit and when he sits he gets a treat, it will become a nice habit.

Thirdly, many trainers suggest you simply ignore the behavior. They suggest you stand still as the dog jumps, avert your eyes completely since some believe a dog jumps to try and have eye contact. When you come home and Fido leaps on you, cross your arms, look around and act as if he isn’t there at all.

Statistics prove that most dogs that are turned into animal shelters are untrained. It doesn’t take long to train a dog to be a part of society and your family. Simple training on not to jump, sitting, coming and other very basic commands that you can learn in a single training class will be time very well spent and in return, you will have a faithful friend that knows the rules and is equipped to have the doggy skills to cope in a family.