10 Ways To Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

It is possible to save money on weddings if you are prepared to think out of the box. These ideas will help you to arrange a happy, relaxed celebration.

The important day of your life can quickly turn into the most stressful day of your life, not least financially. It is possible to cut costs, relax, and still have your dream wedding.

Commit to having a relaxed wedding. That way, you are unlikely to get into a panic and start buying things unnecessarily. The more you insist on perfection in every detail, the higher the cost financially. Remember that what matters most is the simple act of getting together with people you love who will witness you committing yourselves to each other.

Have the religious or civil part of the ceremony at the same venue as the reception. That way, you only have to decorate one venue, and you’ll save a fortune on flowers.

Instead of a band or disco, hire a jukebox for the reception. It’s enormous fun, as guests get to choose what music they want to hear.

Keep it simple. You don’t need an expensive wedding planner, the most expensive dress and a host of waiters hovering around. A buffet meal where your guest gets to choose how much goes on their plate is simpler and more enjoyable than being the last person at the table waiting for the waiter. Guests get a chance to chat as they queue for the buffet.

Keep the choice of food simple. There’s no need to break the bank with a huge range of expensive foods and wines. It’s cheaper to have one or two delicious choices for the main meal only.

Double up the wedding cake with dessert. Instead of the traditional fruit cake, choose a tiered chocolate cake and serve it for dessert with ice cream. A simple fruit salad on the side will cater to those who don’t eat cake or ice cream.

Set aside a budget for drinks, and arrange with the barman that when the end of the budget is reached, it becomes a cash bar. Guests understand how expensive weddings are and don’t mind paying for their own drinks.

Shop online at charity auctions. Many charities run auctions of new goods donated by businesses. Their prices are often one-third of the normal price. You can probably pick up vouchers for flower arrangements, hire of a bridal gown, facials and beauty treatments for the bride and her party, and for the honeymoon, trips to the top of the range hotels and guest houses. You have the added benefit of knowing that you have helped the needy.

Shop on e-bay or other online auction sites. Wedding dresses, table decorations, paper for invitations, and many other goods can be bought much cheaper on e-Bay.
Look for online community trading exchanges where talents or other non-monetary currencies are offered for services. By bartering or exchanging services, it’s possible to hire professional services from photographers, caterers, waiting for staff, flower arrangers, and DJs.

The more a wedding costs, the more pressure the families feel to make every moment memorable and perfect. And the pressure to be perfect almost always produces the opposite effect. So relax and enjoy your celebration.