10 Summer Wedding Ideas

Ten ways to make your wedding unique and memorable. You won’t have to compete with other brides if you incorporate some of these ideas into your wedding.

It’s almost time for summer, and with the advent of summer, we have an influx of summer weddings taking place. From June to August, there will be several weddings to attend, and every bride wants to make sure that her wedding stands out from the rest. Below are 10 ideas for making your summer wedding unique.

Under my Umbrella … or Parasol

With sunny summer weddings, it might not be so easy to maintain that flawless make-up look. The sun beating down on the bridal party can melt their make-up and make their faces a shine-fest. But give the gals a parasol, and the shade from it will not only keep them cool, but it will make them look as elegant as the women did a century ago.

Fan it Up

In keeping with the coolness, the guests will love you if you provide them with an outlet as well. Fans, whether they be paper, wooden, or feathered, will make great party favors for your guests as well as an excellent way to tie in your wedding theme. You can monogram them, color-code them, add an Asian flair, or a European touch.

Nautical Nuptials

Maybe you and your fiancé want to elope. Maybe you both share a love of the water. Well, then why not grab a Justice of the Peace or minister, a witness, and get hitched on a yacht? Whether you’re in Dana Point, Cape Cod, or Miami, adding this nautical touch to your nuptials is a lovely way to set your ceremony apart from everyone else’s.

Hats Away

Now, ladies, we can’t leave large, lovely hats only to the 80s and the British. Why not find a gorgeous Phillip Treacy or Dillard’s hat that makes a classically refined statement to wear in place of a veil? This would be an especially nice touch if you’re getting married outside somewhere in a mansion backyard, garden, or grassy meadow. Just make sure that you practice your kissing angle so your groom – and guests – don’t knock your hat off!

Hand ’em a Handkerchief

Whether you print your wedding invitations on them or wear them under your gown as your “something old” or “borrowed”, a beautiful handkerchief is a lovely way to incorporate a personal touch to your wedding.

Herbal Essence

Some people either just really don’t like flowers or want something uniquely different from any other wedding they’ve ever been to. And for those brides, we suggest an herbal bouquet in place of the typical roses, orchids, and lilies. This will allow your bouquet to stand out from any other for sure.

Treat ’em to a Movie

Who doesn’t love that scene in The Wedding Planner where J.Lo asks Matthew McConaughey to dance at the park’s weekly classic movie viewing? Well, then why not incorporate that into your own wedding reception? Grab a classic like The Philadelphia Story or Sabrina and project it onto a white wall or the side of your tent and enjoy!

Freeze Your Treats

Not really into the typical wedding cake? Want a special dessert at your reception? Well, try frozen treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, and even frozen soufflés. What a tasty way to cool off after all that time on the dance floor and in the sun!

Ribbon in the Sky

Trying to add a romantic touch to your wedding day? Use ribbons. With all their different colors and styles, you can attach them to your bouquets and nosegays, let them flow from the back of your flower girl’s hair wreaths, or have guests wave them like streamers to create a picturesque exit.

Butterfly Bliss

So many places nowadays prohibit the throwing of rice which kills the birds, bubbles that make the ground slippery, rose petals that leave stains, sparklers which could be dangerous, and doves that leave unsightly messes, heaven forbid the birds “celebrate” all over the bride’s veil or dress!

A gal might be left to wonder what on earth she can have in her final exit. Try butterflies! A butterfly release is a magical way to celebrate the newlyweds’ exit and just plain beautiful.